PS5 restocked in BT and EE for UK customers on Thursday

PlayStation 5 is calling … (Photo: BT)

The UK’s most reliable PS5 pre-order source is back in stock, but no one is told when it will be available for purchase.

The PlayStation 5 pre-order was almost catastrophic in the first round. Sony did not warn them that they would be launched, and the websites of multiple retailers were strained.

The launch date is a little better. One of the reliable sources was BT. BT seems to be in stock, Sell ​​them to existing BT broadband and EE customers.

They were still sold out on the same day, but BT announced on Thursday, December 3rd that they would increase their inventory-the only question is when they didn’t say exactly.

They keep it a secret, so their site won’t be hit by regular customers or scalpers trying to buy it all at once.

You must be an existing BT broadband customer to order the PlayStation 5 console, but if so, good luck with having access to MyBT when the order is placed.

Alternatively, if you are using EE Mobile, you can pay 11 or more interest-free monthly payments for PlayStation 5 through additional services to your EE plan.

We will update this article as soon as the order is placed, but it may be worth your attention. BT Twitter Account too.

If you still can’t get the console, or if you’re not a BT or EE customer, other retailers will continue to get PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in stock this month.

However, none of them have been identified at any time, so for now, BT will seize the opportunity if possible.

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PS5 back in stock at BT and EE for UK customers on Thursday

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