PS5 retail website crashed due to scalper bot

Scalper is part of the reason supply failed to meet demand (Photo: Sony)

Scalper was able to get a large number of PS5 consoles through the bot, and it is believed that the retailer’s website crashed.

Calling the PlayStation 5’s UK launch messy may be an understatement for retailer GAME and courier Yodel. We blame each other for the delay in delivery.

The GAME, John Lewis, and Tesco websites are all in demand to crash and are now considered to be one of the main reasons many websites have failed because of the scalper abusing the system.

According to Thomas Platt, head of e-commerce for bot detection and mitigation company Netacea, Scalper was able to use custom-made bots to get multiple consoles.

You can use these bots to ensure that the scalper is always at the top of the online queue. So what Platt says is that this automated traffic is the real cause of website crashes.

“Since the last generation of consoles were launched in 2013, Skull Perbots have become much more available and much more sophisticated.

“The combination of COVID and Christmas has boosted demand. For those who want to make a profit right away, use bots to buy a console first and sell it on another console. Can be a site for high markup.

“Today, it’s not just natural demand that’s crashing retailers’ sites. Automatic traffic from bots buying consoles before real customers do so.”

This result has already been confirmed, as the PS5 is available for as high as £ 15,000 on the new eBay list.

PlayStation 5 is now available.

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PS5 retail websites crashed due to scalper bots

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