PS5 sales are weaker than expected, but worldwide reach 13.4 million users and PS Plus exceeds 47 million users

Following Microsoft, Sony has released its latest revenue report, shedding light on the performance of its PlayStation business. The key point is that PS5 shipped an additional 3.3 million units in the July-September quarter, helping the system reach 13.4 million units so far.

Growth was weaker than expected, partly due to continued shortages related to tip supply and other factors, according to Bloomberg.

Sony also reported that it had 47.2 million PlayStation Plus subscribers and 104 million monthly active PSN users in the latest quarter.

For comparison, Microsoft hasn’t announced the number of Xbox hardware, but it’s estimated that the Xbox Series X | S has sold about 8 million units so far, with more than 20 million Game Pass members. ..

Sony sold 76.4 million games during this period, including 7.6 million first-party titles. Another good sign for the company was that 62% of game sales were digital.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the best-selling first-party game on PS5, with 6.5 million sold on PS5 and PS4. Demon’s Souls (1.4 million) and Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apartments (1.1 million) follow.

Sony’s latest State of Play briefing took place on Wednesday with a focus on third-party games. This is a summary of the big news in the State of Play.

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