PS5 Scalper Group says “I have no regrets” about resale of the 3500 console

It’s hard to get a PS5 for now, but it’s sometimes double the retail price for resellers like the PS5 Scalper Group CrepChiefNotify to scoop up 3500 PS5s and make a profit. Thanks to the resale with the above markup. The group caught the attention of the Internet in last week’s Business Insider report and was criticized for uncontrollable tactics by legitimate consumers who haven’t yet earned a PS5. In a recent statement, CrepChiefNotify said he “has no regrets” about swiping thousands of consoles and reselling them at a premium.

On the group’s Facebook page, they elaborated on how to get close to 3500 consoles for resale, all manually using “knowledge and monitors” rather than the use of retail scraping bots as many would have guessed. Insisted that. “We fail to prepare and we prepare to fail,” the post said. A representative from CrepChiefNotify previously showed in a Business Insider report that bots were being used.

They also say that the profits from the resale of the PS5 helped members of the group “temporarily dismissed, redundant, or somehow disadvantaged due to a pandemic.” The post claims that these benefits helped pay bills, put food on the table, and secure Christmas for children. “It’s a shame that a kid doesn’t wake up to the PS5 this Christmas, but it’s possible that another kid didn’t do anything,” the post simply says, “I have no regrets.”

In the comments to the post, those who can’t even pay bills or even put food on the table shouldn’t buy multiple $ 500 consoles in the hope of reselling them in markup. (Especially if a photo like the one above shows dozens of PS5s), all taken by one person). There is probably some truth behind the CrepChiefNotify post. This probably helped some members experience financial difficulties, but their entire business is definitely profit-based and not as altruistic as it looks.

The group runs Facebook ads to get people involved (for a fee) and use its tools to protect rare items and “make profits easily.” They have begun to steal coveted sneaker pre-orders and have reportedly made more than € 2 million in profits for all members. (It is unclear where the fees collected by the 12 employees of the group will affect their profits.)

High demand, well beyond supply, helps such groups succeed in benefiting from rarity. Sony recently said the PS5 is the biggest console launch ever and is completely sold out everywhere. Bots, scalpers and resellers will also update their inventories and continue to markup until supply and demand numbers are a little more even, but they are working hard to update their inventories and continue to provide consoles to retailers. I will.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer commented that the lack of PS5 and Xbox Series X made it necessary to rethink the pre-order model in order to get more consoles in the hands of consumers who actually need them.

[Source: VGC]

PS5 Scalper Group Has ‘No Regrets’ About Reselling 3500 Consoles at Markup

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