PS5 screenshots can now be shared on the PlayStation App in some regions

Sony is rolling out a limited release PS5 beta feature that allows players to share in-game screenshots and video clips via the PlayStation app. This feature is (yet) inaccessible to US players reading this, as it is currently limited to Canada and Japan only.

How it works: When you enable the auto-upload feature on your PS5, screenshots and videos of games taken on your PS5 will be automatically uploaded to the PlayStation app. The media will then be available in the app for 14 days, allowing players to download photos from the app to their camera roll and post them on social media. Video capture also includes audio from the player’s microphone, if enabled. There are restrictions. Video length should be less than 3 minutes and not 4K. Automatic captures of trophy moments and activity challenges will not be uploaded.

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IOS users in Canada and Japan can now immediately download updates for the PlayStation app to access the screenshot sharing feature. Android users have to wait. Releases are “gradual and can take a week” until Android devices are available for updates.

It is unknown how long this beta feature will be available. Sony has denied that the beta rollout can be terminated or modified at any time, and that this screenshot sharing feature may not reach the final product or may change significantly.

Players are asking for an easier way to share in-game screenshots, along with a list of other features needed for the PS5. However, it’s still incredibly difficult to buy, especially at retail prices, so the vast majority of players may now want to own a PS5 above all else.

Sony is rolling out PS5 updates in stages. The latest PS5 update included storage expansion and 3D audio options. Get a complete overview of the latest PS5 updates and the PS5 improvements that GameSpot staff want.

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