PS5 shortage addressed in Saturday Night Live’s Eminem Stan parody

Saturday Night Live and Eminem have parodyed Eminem’s Stan to comically address the PS5 deficiency around the world. Christmas.

Like Stan, released as the third single on Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP in 2000, the song gets a little darker as the PS5 quest continues to fail. Kate McKinnon appears as Dido, who also appeared in Stan, and Bowen Yang plays Sir Elton John. Eminem and And John sang together at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Eminem himself made a cameo at the end of the skit, “It’s crazy, PS5? I didn’t even ask for it. Shady must have been a good boy this year. Excuse me, Stu, you f ** ** * Up. “

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Best PS5 game

Sony announced that the PS5 is the largest console launch ever, but the demand for the latest consoles was also “unprecedented.” Sony has promised more PS5 inventories will reach retailers by the end of the year, but it will continue to be one of the hardest-to-find items this holiday season.

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