PS5 software sales may be struggling for scalpers

The PlayStation 5 was launched worldwide in November, but it’s very difficult to buy due to the current shortage of stock. One of the problems since pre-orders started is the widespread use of scalpers, such as bots that automatically purchase the system and resell it at a higher price. Now, the numbers from Japan suggest that this may be a more serious problem than originally thought.

Bloomberg reports that strong console sales do not always lead to software sales. The numbers they took from Famitsu show that the system has sold 213,000 units in Japan since its launch, but the system’s top three games (Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, and unnamed third-party titles). ) Physical release sale) Only 63,000 units.

By comparison, Switch sold 525,000 units in the first month, almost in line with 509,000 units in the top three games.

There are many caveats here. Due to upward compatibility, many customers may be buying PS4 versions of certain games at low prices, and digital sales are increasing. There is also a digital-only version of the PS5, which also reduces physical sales. But the inequality is big enough to suggest a problem, and the PS5 is sold at a loss (most consoles are on sale), so Sony relies on selling software to make money. I will.

This can also have long-term implications. Bloomberg quotes Morningstar Research’s Kazunori Ito. He believes the system “may miss a significant opportunity to enter the rising spiral of good hardware and software.” This can mean that the total revenue of the platform is not as strong as we expected, he says.

Hopefully, PS5 inventories will stabilize in the near future-or Sony (and Microsoft) will find a reliable way to deal with scalpers.

If you want to buy a PS5 (and you’re not a scalper), bookmark the PS5 Restock Updates page in GameSpot. We will keep you updated when the system goes on sale again.

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