PS5 UK orders are published on GAME (Updated: No more)

It’s working!


It lasted longer than expected, but GAME is out of stock on the PlayStation 5.

We don’t know when we might get the order again, but GAME and other major retailers may be considering increasing inventories for next week’s Black Friday.


For most game fans, it was a frustrating morning. Many stores seem to have a new inventory of PlayStation 5. Most sites have collapsed due to the weight of the people trying to access them.

Amazon’s promised 12 pm start didn’t come true, and for some time GAME seemed to have to abandon the plan altogether, but now they’re back and accepting orders again.

Not only is the stock limited, but the site is very slow and unreliable at this time, so you need to be very lucky to get it. Also, the release date is stated as 10/12/20, which seems ominous.

Currys PC World has given up, John Lewis and Tesco’s sites are still down, and Asda has never fulfilled its promise to open orders “this morning.”

The websites of Very, Smyths, and other retailers are still open, but they appear to be out of stock all day long. Or, even if it was in stock, it was only a few minutes.

If you are an existing customer, the most reliable place to place an order still seems to be via BT or EE. It’s not clear how much stock they have, but today some people contacted us saying they seemed to have completed their order.

If you don’t have a PlayStation 5 available today, your inventory should increase near Christmas, but you’ll have a question of whether it’s in time. This does not happen with some GAME orders today.

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PS5 UK orders are live at GAME (update: not any more)

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