PS5 with PS2 theme released this month

A special PS2 with the theme of PS2 will be released this month, but it is not an official product of Sony itself. The SUP3R5 has announced that the “retro-inspired” PS5 DualSense controller and PS5 console will be available for purchase starting January 8th, but this is only part of the pre-order for custom-made nostalgia. The first controller in these two products, the controller, will be limited to 500 units and will ship at a price of $ 99.00 sometime in “late spring.” On the other hand, the latter of these two nostalgic products, the console, is limited to 304 units, ships in the same window, and comes with the controller for $ 649.00.

As SUP3R5 points out, the controller’s “retro-inspired conversion process” is “requiring a complete disassembly” and the warranty provided by Sony is void. However, the console is not decomposed as part of the conversion process. However, although the side panel will be temporarily removed, the warranty will not be voided, but there is no warranty at this time.

SUP3R5 shows that the entire process of conversion process is done using gloves. That is, controllers, consoles, and accessories, at least of unprotected types, are inaccessible to human hands.

Of course, if you decide to pre-order one of these products, do so at your own risk. Also, please note that Sony may suspend operations before shipping a single item.

It’s hard to get a PS5 right now, so this might be the perfect shot to get a console, but it will be offered at a premium price. Of course, that’s the interest of Scalper and his bots.

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