PS5, Xbox Series X and S review embargo jackpots. Eurogamer’s next-generation newscast! •

What a week! Two major embargoes have been lifted: the PlayStation 5 review embargo and the Xbox Series X and S review embargo. Oh yeah, there is a ban on reviews of Miles Morales and Astros Playroom. Finally, you can take off your gloves and talk freely about the next generation!

This is exactly what Eurogamer news editor Tom Phillips, Eurogamer reporter Emma Kent and I are doing in the fourth video of our weekly next-generation newscast show. Emma talks about the Xbox Series S (her impression is now on the site), Tom talks about the Xbox Series X (digital foundry reviews are currently available), and I talk about the PS5 (digital foundry) PS5 review will be published soon).

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Eurogamer Next-Gen Newscast-PS5, Xbox Series X and S review embargo jackpot!

Meanwhile, Insomniac’s PS5 launch title Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Martin’s review), pack-in game Astro’s Playroom (Martin also reviewed), and all the rest of the next-generation news of the week. You can’t line up outside the store to buy one of the fashionable new consoles.

Once again, a huge amount to pass. We hope you enjoy chatting.

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