PS5, Xbox Series X | S Terminator Resistance Enhancement Rating

Enhanced Editions is just a new “remake” of this new console generation, with many games getting “Enhanced” editions to appeal to next-generation owners looking for new games to test their consoles. doing.

Last year’s Terminator Resistance is the latest to receive enhanced treatment, according to the Australian Evaluation Board, which recently evaluated Terminator Resistance Enhanced. No official announcement yet (my PR peep – sorry if this was an announcement scheduled for the morning!), But could show regular trailers, comparisons, and next-generation screenshots. There is. Was announced.

Terminator Resistance was actually a really good game on the PS4, but it was a bit rough on the edges and could have taken a little more time in the proverbial oven. It really was a game for franchise fans and showed the amount of care and love that was poured into it. I enjoyed what it was, and if this enhanced version brings only one improvement, I would be there again to blow away the metal threat.

Source: Australian Classification Board

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Terminator Resistance Enhanced Rated for PS5, Xbox Series X|S

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