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Lionel Messi After leaving, he admitted that he had received “other offers” from “various clubs” Barcelona Last summer before joining Paris Saint-Germain..

Messi (34 years old) Available with free transfer When his Barcelona contract expired on June 30th LaLiga The club’s volatile financial situation meant they were unable to register new transactions.

Weeks of uncertainty continued before PSG announced Messi’s signature on a two-year contract on August 11. There is also a third year option.

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“Barcelona issued a statement that I wouldn’t continue, and since then I’ve been asking myself where I’m going.” Messi told Requip..

“I was fortunate to be contacted by various clubs. One of them was Paris Saint-Germain. I am grateful to the clubs. They treated me well from the beginning. They really treated me. Showed what he wanted.

“There were other offers, but I have to say that we reached an agreement with PSG soon. In fact, it wasn’t easy because we had to organize everything from one day to the next in a short amount of time. I was confident in the project, the club’s ambitions, the players they have, the team … all these factors. “

During February ESPN reported that Manchester city He was monitoring Messi’s situation as he was keen to sign Messi in the summer of 2020 when he tried to force him out of Barcelona using the terms of the contract.

Messi said a year later he intended to stay in Barcelona before the club forced the problem.

“My idea was to sign the contract and resume training immediately,” he said. “I thought everything was agreed and only the signature was missing, but when I arrived in Barcelona I was told that it was no longer possible, I couldn’t stay and I had to find another club.”

Messi scores his score First PSG goal 2-0 Champions League Win the city on September 28th.

PSG is the top League 1 Score 24 points in 9 games despite a surprising 2-0 defeat Rennes last week. This was one of the two league games Messi has started so far.

“At first glance, it’s a much more physical league than LaLiga,” Messi said. “Most players are very strong, but it’s too early to give my opinion on League One. It’s one of watching the game and being on the pitch.”

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PSG Lionel Messi-Various clubs offered me deals after leaving Barcelona PSG Lionel Messi-Various clubs offered me deals after leaving Barcelona

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