PSVR 2 headset has tactile feedback showing the newly discovered Sony patent

This is a patented rendering, not Sony’s (Photo: LetsGoDigital / VR4 Player)

Sony may have recently discontinued plans for VR hardware, but new patents show that they are still researching new headsets.

It’s very difficult to guess what Sony is planning for the PlayStation 5 VR. This is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of PlayStation 4 technology, but recent comments from Sony’s High Command suggest that it may have lost interest.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently said that the technology that makes VR truly “meaningful” is years away and “more than minutes away from the future of VR.”

This seemed to mean something new from a VR perspective, but it’s probably a long way off for Sony, and maybe, as the newly discovered patents prove, they Is clearly still researching new technologies.

As with any patent, there is no guarantee that the concept it describes will commercialize it, but the information found by LetsGo Digital goes into some interesting details.

The description of what’s probably called the PlayStation VR 2 shows that it uses the same tactile technology as DualSense. It is theorized to be used to reduce motion sickness.

It’s unclear what the LEDs are for, but there are also sensors that tell you if the headset is properly worn.

PlayStation VR is backward compatible with PlayStation 5, but you will need to send a special adapter to get your old PlayStation 4 camera working.

The PlayStation Motion Wand has never been designed with VR in mind and is now two generations old, so there is an urgent need for a new controller to set up the PlayStation VR, not just the headset itself.

There have been numerous patents for next-generation alternatives, but it is unclear if and when any of these will be real products.

PSVR2 patent

Does it make sense to release a new headset shortly after the PS5 launch? (Photo: LetsGoDigital)

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PSVR 2 headset has haptic feedback reveals newly discovered Sony patent

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