PSVR brings virtual reality to the masses

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Last generationLast generationLooking back on 2013-2020, the era of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Virtual reality has recently become much easier to dive into. Headsets are getting cheaper and cheaper, and some, like the Quest 2, don’t even require a powerful PC. But not so long ago, VR was expensive, difficult to connect, and confusing. And PSVR was an incomplete but exciting solution.

On paper, the PSVR sounded too good. Launched in 2016, it was only $ 400.It may sound like alot, but other headsets at the time cost around $ 500-700 or more And I needed a sturdy and expensive PC. This wasn’t the case for PSVR. Anyone who already owns a PS4, even if they’re no longer using the old dusty stuff in the basement, buy a VR headset and start playing virtual reality games in the living room. I can.

In fact, it wasn’t all great. Headsets were already a bit behind technically when they were released, and within a few years they became even older and obsolete. The camera and ray tracing system it used was cheap and easy to set up, but it was prone to failure and not very accurate. The motion controller was fine, but not as advanced as other VR controllers, especially those following 2017 and 2018.

But what do you know? It didn’t matter.

When I started and put on the headset, I was shocked to be in a whole new digital world.I invited people to play Spider-Man: Homecoming VR demo or its strange but funny Job Simulator game.. We all exploded.People areThey were surprised at how much they enjoyed VR, even though they thought they had too much VR. Others were sold for something they assumed they were gimmicks.

Over time, PSVR wasn’t all that exciting and new, but it was still a surefire way to experience VR games, including some PlayStation-only titles like the great ones. Astrobot Rescue Mission.. (Seriously, this is a great game and one of the best VR games ever created.) Reddit and the entire forum, tired of PSVR shortcomings and lack of software, newer and more I saw a player jumping into a powerful headset. Some people have started developing PCVR games that they want to play. Many people use VR and imagine what they can do thanks to Sony’s 2016 release of a cheap and accessible headset.

Today, in 2020, Sony treats the PS VR as if it once loved it, but I don’t know what to do anymore. Sure it works on PS5, but it’s not easy to connect. (Connecting the PSVR has never been so easy and straightforward, but especially the early models and the first breakout box had all the extra wires.) Sony is planning a PSVR2 Rumors are swirling. It’s more powerful and better. Tracking and more advanced controllers.

Illustration of an article titled PSVR Brings Virtual Reality to the Masses

screenshot: Sony

I hope so. As PSVR brought VR to the masses, more than 5 million headsets were sold as of last year. There is no doubt that it will help advance VR games and potential PSVR2 can have a similar impact. And it will probably work better!

As I was writing this, it’s been a few weeks since I moved my PS4 out of the office and moved my PSVR headset and gear together. I still love PSVR headsets. But … I haven’t used a PSVR headset for several months either. But when I load the new game, I remember being amazed at the real modern VR for the first few hours. I also remember the annoying controller and other big and small issues that weren’t fixed or improved. However, we are very pleased that millions of people have been able to experience VR and have helped move the virtual reality game forward. In the process, a whole new group was born that was hungry and ready for more VR games. Even if Sony doesn’t offer anything in the near future, it’s good for VR games.

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