PSVR Shooter Firewall Zero Hour gets even better on PS5

First Contact Entertainment’s famous tactical FPS Firewall Zero Hour may be more than two years old, but if you can get a PS5, it will be better soon. The developer says on Twitter:

Playback on the PS5, the Firewall Zero Hour has even more supersampling pixel density than what is currently available on the PS4 Pro, resulting in faster load times and better visual fidelity.

Given the PS5 hardware, some of it may sound obvious, but it’s still nice to hear. Firewall Zero Hour is a 4v4 tactical FPS multiplayer that maintains a strong player base despite being dedicated to PSVR. The fact that there isn’t much competition in that particular space helps, but the main reason is that it’s really good. Check out my 2 year old review here.

I loved it when it went on sale, but I haven’t played much this year. But the news is excited to bring the PurePlayStation firewall team back together. Are you still playing Firewall Zero Hour? If not, is this news enough for you to log in again when you finally get your own PS5? Please let us know in the comments below.

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PSVR Shooter Firewall Zero Hour Will Be Even Better on PS5

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