Psychological Survey to Switch Thriller Dry Drowning

Today, VLG Publishing and Leonardo Interactive have announced that psychological research thriller Dry Drowning will move to Switch. This includes reviewing the English localization track and improving the user interface. The release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Dry Drowning is a visual novel that stares into the near future dominated by the dark powers of power. This game immerses the player in the world of Mordred Foley. MordredFoley is a troubled private detective with a truly dubious past. Overwhelmed by his own dark history, Foley’s world is a world of tyranny, and his thirst for top power sinks society to the absolute bottom.

The game is a script that doesn’t hesitate to tackle themes such as racism, immigration, political extremism, and sexism, and unlike other visual novels, it plays in multiple branch stories consisting of 150 different threads. Will be done. It puts a heavy burden on every decision made and every line of dialogue is issued.

In a world where lying seems to be the second nature to most people, the ability to reveal the truth is worth its weight in gold. To assist Foley’s investigation, players can access a unique “Living Nightmare” system that highlights when a character is lying, discovering a world where trusting someone can quickly become a dangerous game. Useful for.

Characteristics of dry drowning:

– Really important choice: over 150 story branches and 3 completely different endings.
– Moral choices that affect character relationships and the game environment across potential 20 hours of gameplay.
– Elaborate clues system for research: Learn about the city of Nova Polemos and its citizens through dialogue, evidence, items, and biography of characters.
– Horror-style cross-examination: Use evidence to reconstruct the case, break the mask of people’s deception, and reveal the truth with Dry Drowning’s “Living Nightmare” system.
– Investigate flashbacks and past cases and resolve new cases.
– A dynamic soundtrack with over 40 dramatic and emotional tracks.
– A balanced mix of Western and Eastern visual arts. It sheds light on the harsh futuristic environment where cyberpunk and retro elements coexist in harmony.

Dry drowning is sold digitally for switches through the e-shop.

Psychological investigative thriller Dry Drowning heading to Switch

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