PT has been remade with Doom, but it’s still absolutely scary

Since Hideo Kojima canceled, no one had access to Silent Hill’s playable teaser, PT, so modders have met demand. The latest version of PT, which beautifully decorates your screen, is, in a sense, a complete conversion mod for Doom that captures everything.

Named GZ PT, this mod turns an FPS game into a psychological nightmare of a haunted house in Kojima’s short horror game. At PT, we performed a small task and puzzle to orbit one corridor in annoying sounds and visions and unlock the next section. Each stage has been refurbished in the same corridor, giving more clues as to who the house is and slowly listening to the families who lived there. A dark, stupid and miserable horror game designed as a prelude to Silent Hill, the new Silent Hill of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.

This version by Andrea Gori trades realism for an unpleasant 2.5D aesthetic, which is almost creepy. As the name implies, this is done using GZDoom which needs to be done. From crying babies and endless radio chatter to the morbid content of the sink to the illusory Lisa chasing you angry, everything is here. Some puzzles, such as the bit that breathes into the microphone, have been changed to more traditional controls. The way lo-fi textures and assets bring everything closer to pixelated distortion turns the entire location into a real-time fuzzy mess, and it looks like a lynch collapse in slow motion.

Total conversion remains one of the most ambitious of the Doom Mod waves and waves. This is based on Star Trek, or a remake of Resident Evil 2, or what about Doom 2 surpassing Warhammer 40,000? There are many options.

You can see the trailer below:

If this isn’t enough, you can try PT in VR with this Half-Life: Alyx mod. You can download GZPT from Gori’s Itching page here. As always, be careful mod.

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