PUBG Global Invitational Return in 2021 as PGI.S

PUBG Corporation, Creator PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (((PUBG) And its subsidiaries KRAFTON, Inc.. Announced plans to host the next premier esports event. PUBG GLOBAL INVITATIONAL.S (PGI.S).. Incorporating complete safety measures, this event is an eight-week esports festival to be held in South Korea from February 2nd to March 28th, 2021.

In 2020 PUB Ge sports Hosted PUBG Continental Series (PCS)Consists of four online regional tournaments in North America, Europe, Asia, and Asia Pacific. With the final round of PCS3 completed this weekend, PUBG esports will host one of the most exciting events to date at PGI.S for 2021.

“It’s humble to see the overwhelming positive fan reaction to online regional PCS tournaments throughout the year. Thanks to the support of our fans, we’re hosting PGI.S and have been gaining momentum since this year. We are confident that we can create the best esports event. “ CH Kim, CEO of PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON and Inc, said: “The event has complete safety measures built in, so we are committed to hosting a safe global esports tournament for participating players and fans watching online from around the world.”

PGI.S brings together 32 global teams from South Korea, North Korea, Europe, Latin America, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Chinese Taipei, with safety as our top priority. To create a safe environment, PUBG Corporation fully adheres to government guidelines in addition to enacting its own enhanced safety measures. In addition, a two-week quarantine period will be included in the schedule for all players and staff.

Throughout the tournament, the team will compete in weekly “survival” matches. Teams that win chicken dinners in these 16 games will win prizes and spots in weekly “final” matches. In the 10 finals, more prize money will be awarded based on performance. At the end of PGI.S, the team with the most prize money will be the global champion. Tournament-style details will be announced near the event.

Featuring a $ 3.5 million prize pool, PGI.S gives professional teams a good reason to outperform the competition and leave a mark on the history of PUB Ge sports. The event will also see the resurgence of the Pick’Em Challenge, which has been upgraded to increase revenue sharing by 30%.

For more information, see the PGI.S announcement blog here or the announcement trailer here. To get the latest PUB Ge sports information, go to and follow @pubgesports. twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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PUBG Global Invitational Returns in 2021 as PGI.S

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