PUBG has a dense city map of enemy factions •

Following the volcanic season 9 map Paramo, PUBG Corp will introduce yet another new map in season 10. This is about city life. Or maybe dying.

Season 10, now available on PC test servers, adds a dense city map called Haven. A 1×1 area with 32 players in the heart of the Rust Belt in the United States. Despite its small size, players will find different areas such as carbon steel mills, coal yards, industrial areas, residential areas, elevated roads and docks. However, this is a seasonal map. This means it can only be used in Season 10 and can only be played in a duo (or it can be played alone as a single duo). Because the match is fast, you can expect to receive about 70% of the BP you would normally receive in a full-length match on a larger map.

The map promises enough verticality, and new emergency parachute items have been introduced to help players navigate the Heaven’s highways and skyscrapers. Remember to activate the parachute before going to the splats as they will not open automatically. Oh, they are for single use only.

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PUBG technically already has some AI enemies in the form of a somewhat controversial bot (by the way, it doesn’t act as a player on this particular map), but Haven uses the enemy’s AI. Seems to focus on PvE. School. The pillars are made up of private military contractors who protect the loot cash around the map, and players who successfully defeat them and get a cash key will receive valuable merchandise. A little worrisome, The Pillar seems to have its own trucks and helicopters roaming the map in search of players. So you have to stay on your toes. You can’t destroy the truck, you can even fire a bomb to attack the player hiding behind the cover-the helicopter spotlight tells the truck exactly where you’re hiding. .. It feels a little rusty here.

Season 10 will arrive on the PC on December 16th and on the console on December 17th, as detailed in the patch video. The notes detail costume presets, team deathmatch spawn kit customizations, UI tweaks, new mastery medals, and many other quality of life changes, so see the page for a detailed breakdown of the changes. Worth to move to.

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