PUBG has remastered Miramar and introduced two new maps

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds prepares to overhaul the large desert map Miramar as developers announce plans for two more new Battle Royale maps and additional plans for features that are slowly spreading throughout the genre. I am.

PUBG Corp has outlined a roadmap for the rest of the year’s games and announced plans for Miramar’s major remaster. The map has already undergone minor modifications to match the other arenas in the game, but Update 12.1 significantly redesigns the desert map’s lighting, performance, graphic fidelity, and terrain.

“We look forward to a significant overhaul of terrain and building textures and layout, easier traverse by removing unwanted obstacles, and even cliff updates to improve the vertical experience of the game,” PUBG said. Corp writes.

However, the developers have also announced two new maps, codenamed “Tiger” and “Kiki”. Tiger is the next major addition to Miramar’s remastering and finally introduces respawns to the flavors of Battle Royale’s PUBG. PUBG, introduced in Apex Legends and then nicknamed by Fortnite, finally has its own respawn. Introduced the system and added “new features never seen before in PUBG”.

“This is a feature that has become quite common in the battle royale genre, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions, especially when it comes to duos and squads. If you’re careful, you’ve recently respawned on the battlefield. I’ve experimented a bit with what it looks like, and Tiger is a big reason. “

Scheduled for late 2021 and early 2022, Kiki promises to be a terrifyingly dense city battlefield, featuring many towering skyscrapers and underground complexes.

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