PUBG Mobile banned millions of players in just a few days

According to the game developers, over 2 million PUBG Mobile accounts have been permanently banned from mobile games within just a week. PUBG Corp. and Krafton provided updates on their game cheat prevention efforts through their PUBG Mobile Twitter account to keep track of the number of players who have recently been hit by “Bumpan.” According to the creators of PUBG Mobile, a total of exactly 2,127,454 players were banned between December 11th and December 17th, identifying three main reasons for the ban.

These reasons were, of course, all the cheats that PUBG Mobile adopted to increase the chances that mobile gamers would win or control parts of the game. According to a recent wave of bans, the top three players banned this month were X-ray vision hacks, auto-aiming hacks, and character model changes.

Along with that information, the individual infographics shared within the tweet showed what the spread between these three categories would look like. A total of 31% of the banned players operated the character model, 18% used some form of X-ray vision, and 15% used automatic aiming hacks. Other reasons for the ban quoted in the graph were “other”, including speed hacks, area damage changes, and everything else the player might have done.

It was also interesting to see the spread of ranks to which banned accounts belong. The majority of banned accounts were 22% bronze. This may not be so surprising to PUBG Mobile players, but the next largest demographic was 17% diamond, with platinum and crown tied at 15% each.

Both PUBG and PUBG Mobile have long fought against fraudsters by banning such accounts. Therefore, it is expected that more such fraud prevention updates will be made in the future to elaborate on the number of accounts banned at various intervals.

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