PUBG Mobile hits 2 million players on BanPan

The PUBG Mobile development team has been working on cheating because it banned more than 2 million people in a week. According to the game’s latest fraud prevention report, called “Bumpan,” nearly one-third of all banned players changed their character model, and about 15% of players used aim hacks.

Accounts banned as part of collective action will be permanently suspended from using the game. Other reasons for the ban include x-ray vision hacks, speed hacks, and hacks that change the area of ​​damage. All of them can make games with more than 50 million users per day uncompetitive. This means that even though the game has been downloaded more than 600 million times so far, the banned total is equal to about 4% of the total number per day.

The success of PUBG Mobile is even more important for now, as Fortnite isn’t available on iOS (at least temporarily). This does not mean that the game is not facing competition on the platform, as Call of Duty Mobile continues to receive standard multiplayer updates as well as battle royale content.

PUBG Mobile’s most recent patch was released in November, adding crossover content from Metro Exodus. The update includes a new underground environment similar to the game series subway system, including railcars and mutant monsters plagued by the illuminated post-apocalyptic air. Other players seem to have the least concern.

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