PUBG Mobile India users may be able to access older accounts

The revival of PUBG Mobile is highly anticipated by the Indian mobile gaming community as developers recently announced a slightly modified Indian version of the game with a $ 100 million investment. Although slightly different from the global version, these changes do not affect gameplay. According to a recent report by Memphis, Indian users may have access to all skins and other in-app purchases from the global version. Moved to the new Indian version.

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PUBG mobile users in India may have access to all skins and in-app purchases

Data from the global version (PUBG Mobile) maintained by Proxima Beta Pte, according to a report by Memphiz, a Liquidpedia Editor for both PUBG and VALORANT. Limited will be transferred to PUBG Corporation, which operates the Indian version (PUBG Mobile India).

“Users (India) may be able to make skins and in-app purchases from the global version of India.”

He shared a video of this claim on Instagram. This indicates that the user is transferring all the data from the global version to the Indian version. In the main in-game menu, the message “The player you are viewing has moved to PUBG Mobile India” is highlighted at the top.

According to the details, data migration from the global version to the Indian version is only available up to June 2021 from the date of release following’Such a transfer is no longer possible’.

“I’m not sure why this was displayed in the global version, but I can see that there is something in the process of transferring data from the global version to the Indian version.”

The transfer of data requires permission, so users will be notified the same when they log in to the game. This is big news for all PUBG Mobile players across the country who have been concerned about the same since the news about the game’s return to India came out last week.

Note: Proxima Beta Pte. Limited is a Singapore-based company under Tencent that manages the global version (PUBG Mobile) of data.

With multiple ads created with well-known local players and personalities such as Dynamo, Jonathan and Kronten, work is already underway for the release of PUBG Mobile India. Teasers for these ads have already been released, and Kronten recently claims that PUBG Mobile India will be released by 20 November.

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