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Big news related to PUBG Mobile (Free) Globally, Krafton is developing a new version of Battle Royale Sensation in the following ways: PUBG: new stateDoesn’t look like it was set a few years after the original game in 2051 PUBG Mobile In itself, it’s slowing down with updates and collaboration.Less than PUBG MobileLast major update version 1.3, a major 1.4 update has been released on iOS (Android continues today). Includes Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration and more. The download size of the update is 660MB for Android and about 1.67GB for iOS. Highlights include the Titan Strike, which allows Titans to spawn on different maps to acquire different Titan Crystals, a microcosm that transforms into an insect, a new arena map: Hanger (from June 1st), and the Royal Pass S19. : Traverse (May) includes 17th) etc.Watch the trailer PUBG Mobile The following Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration:

Update your form now until May 16th to earn 2888 BP, 100 AG and Banana Bonanza. In Titan Strike mode, Elangel features a confrontation with Godzilla and Sunhook features a jungle Kings Rumble. The Titan Strike Mode monster settlement, Apex Camp, etc. are here.Coupe RB vehicle and OTS shooting mode will also participate PUBG Mobile At 1.4. The OTS (over-the-shoulder) button is fully customizable, and this mode offers greater accuracy at the expense of movement. Detailed balance changes and corrections can be found on this official website. next week, PUBG Mobile The Royal Pass Season 19 Traverse begins May 17th. PUBG Mobile It’s evolving on iOS and Android, and it’s interesting to see what happens and how it happens to the player base. PUBG: new state It will grow at the time of launch this year.Do you still play it regularly, and what do you think PUBG Mobile So far in 2021, what improvements do you expect throughout the year?

‘PUBG Mobile’ Version 1.4 Is Out Now on iOS Bringing in the Godzilla vs Kong Collaboration, a New Mode, a New Arena Map, and a Lot More

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