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Public talks on a national investment framework for Irish transport have begun

Minister of Transport Eamon Ryan TD. Has published a draft national investment framework for Irish transport. This represents the Ministry of Transport’s new long-term strategy for investing in land transportation. The department is currently seeking feedback from the general public and interested stakeholders regarding the framework.

The framework aims to ensure that investment in land transportation provides a high-performance network and supports the provision of national spatial planning and climate change policy. It aims to align with the National Planning Framework and Climate Action Plan, while setting strategic priorities for transportation investment to guide the types of projects that will be developed in the future.

Regarding the initiative, Minister Ryan said: We are interested in hearing the opinions of the general public and all stakeholders as we develop new investment frameworks. The outcome of this consultation will help shape this high-level investment framework and investment priorities. This will determine how to provide infrastructure within and between urban, town and rural communities in a sustainable way over the coming decades. Transportation is an important driver of our spatial and climate change policies, so your view teaches how transportation supports sustainable social, environmental and economic development across the country. Will do it. “

Hildegarde Norton, TD State Minister, said: “This framework outlines the strategic priorities for transportation investment aimed at supporting the vision of Project Ireland 2040. To prioritize investment in transportation over the next few years. We look forward to participating in this important consultation that will be helpful. “

Consultations will be held until 11:59 pm on Friday the To read more and the draft National Investment Framework for Transport in Ireland, along with relevant evidence and analysis, visit the following website:

All submissions to the consultation will be published on the department’s website unless otherwise stated.

Photo caption: After conducting a brake trial just east of Monastar Levin Station, (8) 209 powered through with a 27 bogey flat trial on the 2045 Northwall-Valina IWT liner at Notch 8. The train was split at Claremorris, with 18 bogies going to Ballina and nine bogies remaining overnight in Claremorris. These will trip over Ballina on Tuesday morning. May 27.06.16

Public talks on a national investment framework for Irish transport have begun Public talks on a national investment framework for Irish transport have begun

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