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Pumpkin Jack is just in time for the eerie and horrifying Halloween. This is a pumpkin-headed character ready to demolish all the good things in the boring and prosperous human world. Are you interested in playing “bad guys” and enjoying it? This may be for you!

Conspiracy: So the devil is bored. All humans have a good time and have a wonderful little life. Sometimes the evil forces are tired of that nonsense! The devil devises a plan to revive the legendary villain: Jack-and pop his soul into a pumpkin soul … man? Well, that’s the devil, right? He can do most of what he wants to do, other than knocking on Johnny’s door across the Georgia line. Jack is heading for a plan, with an evil glow (socket?) In his eyes, he embarks on ruining everything that humans weigh in a way of happiness and safety.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a problem with the plan before the devil came to the conclusion that we would revive our antihero Jack. Performing large, flashy spells to revive the bad guys of many monsters is a technical aspect of evil, but unconscious and keen to attack Jack’s mission. In a good relationship with MediEvil, zombie-like pumpkin seeds will fight all sorts of ghostly ghouls that drool after moving their brains. Early in the adventure, you will be friends with crows that you can throw to take these monsters out-if you do, the crow boomerang.

Pumpkin Jack’s gameplay revolves around a 3D platform to meet the needs of the big world. Navigating atmospheric landscapes, buildings, caves, and of course graveyards, make evil bids. Controlling the jack is a bit tricky. The momentum in the air, especially when jumping, is a bit difficult, but overall the platform is a lot of fun and a not too difficult (fun) experience. Many puzzle locations are studded. Jack can magically enter certain buildings and areas, unshelling his body and becoming a simple pumpkin with tentacle arms on the vine. It’s a lot of fun and quite reminiscent of Banjo and Kazooie pumpkin morphs. The puzzle itself turns out to be a great challenge.

In addition to puzzles and platforms, there is a great array of minecarts and tracking sequences for mixing things. Overall, you can keep your ideas fresh by constantly shifting level design back and forth through these things. Even in more difficult areas, there are enough checkpoints throughout the game. Things can be tricky, but not too far from the load.

Pumpkin Jack is perfect for Halloween, but it’s not just for Halloween. It’s a fun and entertaining adventure, full of (undead) life and personality. There are some drawbacks, such as the challenge of controlling the jack, but overall such things can be overlooked. The story is cute, some are unlockable, and very easy to see. If you’re looking for something unique or have a holiday theme, Pumpkin Jack is your perfect choice!

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