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Purchase Alert: Brookfield Renewable Energy is Top Buy in 2021

I wrote about Brookfield Renewable Partner (TSX: BEP.UN)(NYSE: BEP) Many times at Motley Fool.On thursday i got it First stock to buy in 2021.. Today, I did my word well, put money in my mouth, and regained my position in the company. I used to hold a position at the company in 2019 and sold it to take advantage of the very cheap ones during the March crash. Shopify.. Why should investors consider adding this to their portfolio?

Renewable energy drives the future

Renewable energy currently accounts for only a small part of the total energy market. However, this is subject to change in the future. Many state and federal jurisdictions around the world have set the goal of becoming carbon-neutral by using renewable energy. In addition, global companies have set similar goals. Amazon, Walmart,and NikeFor example, we have set a goal of being 100% reproducible by 2025.

Microsoft In this respect, it is one step ahead of its contemporaries. By 2030, the company wants to be carbon negative. We believe that by 2050 we will be able to eliminate all past carbon emissions. Obviously, these are very ambitious goals, even for the world’s largest companies. However, it is this changing mindset among global leaders that makes it very interesting to consider companies like Brookfield Renewable in their portfolios.

Brookfield Renewable is a world leader in renewable energy investment. The company manages assets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. All in all, the diverse portfolio of hydro, wind, solar, distributed generation and storage facilities has a cumulative capacity of over 19,400 MW.

The company has been prioritizing growth for the past year. Brookfield Renewable announced in its third quarter earnings report that the merger with TerraForm Power has been completed on an all-share basis. The acquisition was essential to keep Brookfield Renewable ahead of its competitors in the renewable energy industry.

Through the acquisition, Brookfield Renewable also established a Canadian company. This will allow Brookfield’s renewable energy stocks to be included in various index funds, which will only increase purchasing pressure. The results of this company were immediate. At the time of writing this article, the newly established company has seen a 97% rise in stock prices since it opened in late July.

No signs of slowdown

Brookfield Renewable Management has announced that it often aims to bring shareholders a 12-15% annual return in the long run. This includes a 5-9% increase in distribution per year. As of August 2020, Brookfield has generated 18% annual revenue since its inception. Over the last five years, the performance of the stock has generated an annual return of 22%.

All of these are very promising results from exceptional Canadian companies.With a good balance sheet, the company has 57% ownership Brookfield Asset ManagementAnd with continuous growth prioritization, Brookfield Renewable seems to be poised to lead the industry for many years.

Stupid takeaway

I put money in my mouth and reopened my position at the Brookfield Renewable. The company is an industry leader. The company is an industry leader with a diverse portfolio of assets that generate 19,400 MW of electricity. Brookfield Renewable is in the right position for the future, and growth and dividend investors should likewise consider adding this company to their portfolio.

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Purchase Alert: Brookfield Renewable Energy is Top Buy in 2021 Purchase Alert: Brookfield Renewable Energy is Top Buy in 2021

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