Pure PlayStation Plays: 237th Week Black Friday Edition

If you’re one of those who need to find a silver lining in all situations, 2020 should really be a tooth kick, right? But if Covid 19 has one small advantage, it must be Black Friday. Are people still camping in the cold, standing side by side across blocks, or hitting people with cheap flat screens? Of course yes, but at least it’s rare.

Speaking of desperately shopping for what we don’t need but desperately want, have you already been able to procure your PS5 yourself? I hope you have one, but if you don’t, don’t worry. Sony promises to increase inventory by the end of the year. I just confirmed my order two days ago, so I know I’m having a hard time. The sad part is that we’ll all be stumbling upon these next-generation consoles on the shopping island within a few months. But whether you’re a final-generation machine or a next-generation machine, here’s what you’ll be playing this weekend. let’s start.

Jeremy Peterson

My PS5 isn’t here yet, so the only next-generation game I play is Oculus Quest 2. I’ve just finished the latest VR Star Wars game, and my new favorite is InDeath. : No chain. I can’t believe I’ve been waiting so long. I’m also enjoying another Double XP Weekend at COD: Black Ops Cold War. If you have the time, you can also try Asgard’s Wrath via a link or virtual desktop. It’s been out for a while, but Oculus has given it to all Quest 2 buyers who have a VR-enabled PC. I wanted to play for months, so it was a nice surprise. In other words, don’t cry for me, I have a lot to play because I’m longing for my PS5 to arrive.

Hannah Ellis

After installing and reinstalling the backlog on a new external hard drive the past few nights, this weekend will be spent playing whatever I felt at the time. It feels good to insert a disc and see everything with a click, but I feel a little guilty about playing many games at once. However, a little, but not enough to apologize. It’s also a good excuse to adjust your new monitor to that pace. This is another attraction of Black Friday. It’s a pity that Okami HD got lost in the post 🙁

Chris Harding

Lego Star Wars After the Complete Saga, I’m on a play date with a boy as I’m heading towards Lego Star Wars: Force Awakening. You might want to clean and charge the Oculus Quest and check the poppin on the VR hood. Apart from that, I have some reviews and videos to edit to take care of, so it will be a busy weekend!

Stuart McLean

After being proud of a week as a PS5 owner, I’ve already piled up a small backlog of games. We’ve got some more compelling platinum on AstroBot than ever before, but before we finally start AC: Valhalla, we’ll be doing the same with the equally great Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Will you manage them all in the next 48 hours? Can I make a dent in the backlog before cyberpunk is released two weeks later? Who knows, I do it well!

Max Everett

The coming of a lesser-known holiday means that most of my money was paid to a fat man in a red suit. Fortunately, Play-Asia will be posting a Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition this weekend. So this weekend I will hack and slash as many demons as I can. Apart from that, I’m obsessed with more “Among Us” and “COD Modern Warfare” online and never insulted by my 12-year-old mother.

Yasmine Hubbard

There’s a lot of crazy things to do this weekend as the reviews are underway and the focus is on the actual job. Then again, I may need to take some time to make a fuss through the sale of PlayStation’s Black Friday. I’m always looking for good old bargains. This weekend could be a great opportunity to build a library with more games you don’t play …

Jason Fry

I try to finish my Black Friday shopping with the rest of the post-Thanksgiving merchandise, but I’m also working on a review. For an eerie break, I would like to make some different choices at The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope and travel further into the huge world of Assassin’s Creed Valhara. There are many good games you can play by the end of the year, like trying to take a sip from a fire hose.

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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 237 Black Friday Edition

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