Pure PlayStation Plays: Week233-Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, pure PlayStationeers! Hit the video above and then read the words below. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home!

This weekend is not boring,

Comparing the scores, it was past midnight.

Disc and download, it’s all the same,

It doesn’t matter how you play the game,

Shoot football and some guns,

The main thing is that you are having fun,

Don’t worry if you start to smell,

You go nowhere, we are all in hell.


We keep playing all night,

Play until the dark sky brightens,

Share victory and defeat,

CoD, Watch Dogs, FIFA Ultimate Team,

Somehow they will scream you,

I’m having problems with Gears 5.

It teaches you to fire from the waist


Rocket League lets you pull your hair,

It’s all late, man, it’s not fair!

You send a message to others and call them two,

Invite to 1v1 or chat on Zoom.

Just to insult the mother’s womb

Hold the controller firmly and do not grope.

Because mere humans are known to fall,

When DualShock 4 sounds.


Chris Harding

My weekend includes a Halloween party at home (guests aren’t invited) and some good, good, games. I have Watch Dogs Legion and DIRT5 on the go for reviews, so I have more than enough to keep me busy. There’s also a play date for the usual VR junk with Jeremy. We talk nonsense and shoot the bad guys. standard.

Yasmine Hubbard

Tomorrow is Halloween! Creepy movies and games are certainly tidy! I’m planning to try a Dead Rising movie this weekend. I’ve heard they aren’t the best movies, but hopefully they’re not that bad! If not, start a new playthrough of the first Dead Rising game and inevitably start crying that you missed one of Otis’ calls in the middle of the game as usual …

Jason Fry

Best Buy canceled the pre-order after announcing that The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available on Black Friday in a few weeks. This means that we’re back to exploring Liza’s atelier more, but you can also enjoy the PS Now game more and enjoy the limited Halloween celebrations this weekend.

Stuart McLean

Being a resident Pure Playstation sissy, Halloween wasn’t on my favorite holiday list, so I won’t participate in scary activities. Instead, milk the Cobra Kai as it seeks out all the last collectibles and completes the character upgrade. I will stuff sweets on my face without doing a trick or treat.

Hannah Ellis

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will probably get even more attention this weekend as it’s probably the scariest game I own (well, there’s Bloodborne, but despite its creepiness, my incompetence to play it. Is even more scary). Apart from that, I might go to the other extreme and take a few more shifts at Two Point Hospital-after all, I have a face mask. “Please say aaaahhh”.

Jeremy Peterson

I don’t think there will be a Halloween hyzink at Peterson Ranch this weekend. Half-Life: I thought about playing Alyx, but if a giant spider wants to jump to my face, move to Australia. However, there is time to continue replaying The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on the Quest. This is really good, because chambling zombies aren’t as scary as the giant spiders that hug their faces. Hopefully I’ll be able to separate Chris from his role as lead video editor on Pure Play TV and play the new VR Battle Royale game Population: One or some Onward VR this weekend.

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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 233 – Halloween Edition

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