Pure PlayStation Plays: Week235-First PS5 Weekend

The next generation will be officially launched and it will be the first full weekend with next generation consoles in people’s homes. I’m excited. It’s not as exciting as waiting for the PS5 to be released on November 19th for everyone on the other side of the Atlantic, but at least there’s an Xbox, right?

But don’t worry if you’re still rocking your PS4 or Xbox One. There are still many great games to play without the new expensive lumps of plastic under the TV. So, no matter where or how you play, spend the weekend and enjoy yourself.

Chris Harding

It’s unrealistic for me to do a lot of work to do that. A review came out of the ass, it’s terrible. Well, that’s not too bad, but as more and more games are released, we’re definitely feeling the pressure around PurePlayStation. So if you are an up-and-coming writer or reviewer and want to earn some pennies, get in touch!

I plan to play Assassin’s Creed Valhara, Xbox Series S Warhammer Chaos Bain, and many other reviews. What do you know when a review comes out!

Yasmine Hubbard

The PS5 will be released next week where I live (hopefully it will be released here this week …), so I’ll keep the gaming effort on the bright side. Hopefully I’ll scoop up the last few trophies I’ve recently reviewed and really enjoyed with Chicken Police Platinum. Other than that, it may catch up with the new Mandalorian season.

Jason Fry

If you find some issues in the new video editor, deliver one review and start playing another. Also, I would like to play Assassin’s Creed Valhara a little more. I love the disinfected life of the Vikings, but it’s strange that the game keeps telling me not to kill civilians, even if the enemy stands next to them attacking me.

Stuart McLean

This weekend is all one thing for me: hibernation. My plan is to avoid as much spoilers as possible before the PS5 is finally released here in the UK. Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Valhara, and now Spider-Man: Miles Morales are all on my avoidance list-I already put the latter in a cave and launched it on a PS4 and got some good web swings I did. Give me something to compare with next week when I finally got the DualSense controller.

Hannah Ellis

It looks like he hit me this week, so I’ll tap out while maintaining my dignity and spending the weekend slowly. However, I won’t complain because my PlayStation 4 will be more careful than usual, especially since it will stay for a while. So I ordered Okami HD and protected the sky with Ace Combat 7. It’s similar in height to Tom Cruise, so I think it might be Maverick under a different name. Its name is Miss Mayday …

Jeremy Peterson

I spend most of my game in virtual reality this weekend trying to pretend to be my country. The leader is not a laughing stock. Speaking of a painful loser, how do I sound when I lose in Population: One? God, I don’t think so. Take Chris away from his full-time job as a “YouTube personality” and if you can’t play one or more pops, continue your quest to see the end of the barrage shooter. My reliable old PS4 ganjong. A review will come soon with one of them!

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Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 235 – The First PS5 Weekend

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