Pure Pool Launches Today on Nintendo Switch for $ 14.99

Ripstone Games today released the Pure Pool for Nintendo Switch for $ 14.99. This includes base games and all snooker DLC. Pure Pool runs in 1080p docking and 720p handheld, consistently performing all the high-end visual features of the game at 60 frames per second. Provides all the control options that Nintendo Switch supports.

“Pure Pool is real, with gorgeous 1080 graphics, prestigious gameplay, and all the features you can play anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch,” said Hollie Pattison of Ripstone Games. “The choice of online multiplayer mode makes it very easy to jump online with friends, while the split Joy Con controls correspond to players near the house and players who want to hit the table. We expect Pure Pool to connect more players during the upcoming vacation and can’t wait for the Switch community to join the table. “

With single-player campaigns, skill-based challenges, unlockable customization options, and multiple modes of pool and snooker such as killer and American 8-ball, Pure Pool offers more modes and options than clues. It has been. Campaign mode tracks progress from amateur to master difficulty. Players play against a series of opponents from professional players and pool club sharks looking for a simple hustle. The top player will either reign supreme or fall down with a glorious base!

Pure Pool also offers a variety of additional modes, playstyles and challenges. With exhilarating fast-paced modes such as speedpots, checkpoints and royal rumble, as well as skill-based challenges in snooker color, perfect potter and breakpoints, PurePool offers something for everyone. .. With the advent of global online leaderboards, the competition to take the top spot is more intense than ever.

Pure Pool on Switch features local and online multiplayer mode hosts, including cross-play support on Steam and the option to play online against stored DNA player profiles. With global leaderboards and rankings, players perform across the Pure Pool player base while challenging members of the global community in free play, 2-player, league, 8-ball, 9-ball, blackball, killer, and accumulator modes. Can be tracked. It also includes all the snooker content of the original Pure Pool DLC, with online and local support for those who prefer the stricter rules of the gentleman’s game.

Pure Pool reviews should be done online fairly quickly.

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