Pure Pool Review (Switch eShop)

Pure pool Do exactly what is written on the can. It’s a pool game thoroughly and it’s a very good one. Developer VooFoo Studios wisely curbs the Pure Pool from flooding with quirky prosperity and exaggerated physics, and instead focuses on providing an experience that is as close as possible to a real deal. It’s been on other platforms for years, but if you’re a pool fan, the release of Pure Pool on Switch may still be worth noting.

The main attraction of the game is career mode. Here you will play against many AI opponents in a kind of tournament style layout. You can participate in 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker events. Each event is divided into amateur, professional and master difficulty levels. Apart from the main event, there are also additional challenges to attend. Our favorite is the killer. You and your opponent will alternate at a table that starts with 3 lives each. If you miss it, you lose your life, and if you sink multiple balls at once, you gain life. It’s a simple premise that is surprisingly engaged in practice. I was able to perform some more unique tasks, but only a handful available are fun enough.

The gameplay itself is very easy, especially if you have played this kind of game before. Simply move the camera to point the cue in the direction you think it is appropriate. Pull the right analog stick back and forth to execute the shot, and the faster the motion, the more powerful the shot. Adding spins to the ball is also very easy and is often the key to winning a match. As with chess, you need to think a few steps ahead, thinking in your head where you think the white ball will end when you take a shot. There are tutorials to help you understand the mechanism, but the no-frills approach here means that it doesn’t take long to master the basics.

The removed gameplay is in harmony with the rest of the game, and the experience will definitely benefit from it. The menu is basic, but as a result it is very easy to navigate. Even the crisp, stunningly realistic visuals are limited to essentials. There are no flashy cutscenes or the best festive sequences. It’s just you and the table. However, I liked how the camera panned inside the social club when I chose to play a snooker game. There’s no doubt that this is masking a static loading screen, but it’s a nice little touch.

If you enjoy pool games from time to time, you will love pure pool.It’s just Pool, No more, no less.All right, there are definitely snookers Have got I have more. There are many games to come back, such as unlockable cues and table designs. It’s not the kind of game you want to run in a marathon, but it’s definitely saved in your library. Wet day.

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