PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headset Review-A Solid Option for a Specific Audience

Parenting is full of impossible challenges. For example, you can’t save a child from being relentlessly pwn by an l335 Fortnite player. Being n00b is a rite of passage that every gamer must walk alone.

However, with the PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headset, you can save your hearing with a product that aims to protect your eardrums from the impact of virtual explosions and shootouts by keeping the volume properly low at all times.

Numerically speaking, the volume is limited to a maximum of 85 dB, which is generally considered the maximum safe level for long listening.

If it’s what you have on the market, keep reading.


The form factor of this PuroGamer headset is simple and straightforward, with a black cushioned headband and round cushioned earcups, both finished in vegan leather. The only real hint of flare is a record-like glossy plastic disc surrounded by a sparkling cobalt ring on the outside of each earcup.

The removable mic is just as discreet, but the blue disc that shines at the end is a nice, subtle touch. It also comes with a braided cable, so you can feel at ease with a high quality feel.

The PuroGamer Volume Limited gaming headset has a solid clamp, but has proven to be quite comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It’s not a headset that makes you forget you’re wearing it, but you don’t have to worry about it coming off even if you shake your head violently.


This headset comes with a removable microphone, but the cable is not removable. To make matters worse, there are two connectors, USB and 3.5mm.

This is not always a problem if you plan to use your headset in the same place each time. If you’re using it as part of a PC or console game setup, that’s possible, but the permanent hanging connector isn’t anyone’s dream scenario.

About half of the cables have in-line controls. A matchbox-sized plastic box with a volume dial, mute button, and slider to switch between 3.5mm and USB mic inputs. All of these work as expected. ..


The PuroGamer Volume Limited gaming headset isn’t professed to be a high-end headphone for audiophiles, but it has a solid, clear, balanced sound profile.

If you find yourself listening to music through it, you won’t be disappointed with its quality. The bass, mids and separations are all very good, but the treble may have slight traces.

More importantly, the PuroGamer Volume Limited gaming headset is ideal for gaming, thanks to the impressive level of detail and clarity it offers. Soundly, you won’t miss anything that’s happening in the game. Of course, unless there is a lot of background noise.

The volume-limited technology of his headset is inevitably a double-edged sword. Yes, it serves its purpose of protecting the wearer’s eardrum. But it also deprives you of the ability to make noise to fight background noise just because you feel you are a free citizen and living a dangerous life.

Unfortunately, PuroGamer doesn’t offer many passive noise canceling methods to compensate for the limited volume.

Mike, on the other hand, provides a clear audio to those on the other side of the line.


PuroGamer Volume Limited It’s hard to criticize gaming headsets. Because its maximum limit, the low maximum volume, is exactly what you are buying it. In these respects, it offers a practical, stylish, and fairly comfortable option for shoppers who care more about eardrum integrity.

Most often, it means parents looking for a headset for their child. If it’s you and your child has a stable game setting in an environment with relatively low background noise, you can buy these with confidence.

There is no doubt that you will have a hard time finding something that is safe, robust and of high quality in the same price range.

PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headset Review – A Solid Option for a Specific Audience

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