Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Review –

You don’t need to introduce Tetris, but depending on where you are in the world, it may be Puyo Puyo. Hoping to share the stage with games such as Street Fighter, Rocket League, Fortnite, especially small bean busters, while gaining international recognition beyond Japan, the revered national esports. If so, you can still do it with a big push. Therefore, it makes sense not only for the new Puyo Puyo game, but also for the follow-up of the surprise puzzle mashup that brought about a worldwide breakthrough.

The two puzzle styles look quite different, but they have distinct strengths and weaknesses with each other (the current consensus of the community is that Tetris players with all fast T-spins and a wide range of combos dominate. ), Both work terribly. Also, a competitive puzzle game where you drop, pop, clear most Puyos or Tetrimino lines and compete to fill your opponents with trash until they are full. It’s as easy as a fighting game, but it’s incredibly difficult and esoteric when you start watching a match between high-level players who build stunning chains at super-fast speeds, like fighting games.

Fortunately, newcomers don’t have to be at the mercy of online multiplayer right away. In addition to a fairly comprehensive lesson mode that offers combo basics and some tricks, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 comes with a fun and fulfilling single-player adventure mode that makes it easy to join different playstyles and modes. I will. The story is very ridiculous as our colorful characters are on a mission to save the world through puzzle battles, discovering friendship and all its jazz implications. Maps that move between missions are a bit confusing to navigate. In particular, it can sometimes diverge or even return bonus missions from their current location. Fortunately, at the push of a button, you can enter a shortcut that shows everything more clearly. ..

It’s a great place to understand all the different game modes, not just the standard Puyo Puyo and Tetris, such as the signature swap mode, which swaps both playstyles, and the more complex fusion mode, which swaps Tetrimino and Tetris. Puyo Puyo on the same screen. If you’re an experienced player, these aren’t difficult at all, but if you’re a beginner struggling with one of the challenges, you’ll appreciate the option to reduce the difficulty. That said, fans and veterans want to try Adventure Mode and ace each level with a 3-star ranking, but they also have the opportunity to aim for a 4-star ranking. It’s enough to say that just because you’ve won 100% doesn’t mean you’re actually finished.

It also introduces a brand new skill battle mode that creates a team of three characters with unique skills that you can use during the match. This is a little RPG mechanic that was put into the battle of puzzles, so you can regain your health and strengthen your attacks and defenses. You also have the skills to control the pieces you have, such as rearranging messy Tetris to easily clear Tetris, changing all Puyos to the same color and popping a lot of trash blocks right away. Given that until now the large roster of characters was basically just a hilarious mascot, some people have skills that only work with Tetris and Puyo Puyo, so it might make you want to mix things up a bit. Maybe.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to accurately determine the depth of skill battles or whether it’s worth adding to a ruleset that most hardcore players stick to fundamentals like Puyo Puyo. There were very few skill battles in adventure mode, and I was able to pull out a powerful chain that KOs my opponent instantly anyway, so I rarely needed to use my skills. Ultimately, that’s what you need to go through at the start of the game.

Fortunately, Sega is planning a lot of free post-release content, including new characters, to support the game and hopes to offer more options in skill battles. Also, just in time for the new console generation, PS4 or Xbox One players can upgrade to the next generation version for free, perhaps even if they’re bothered and trying to figure out the features of the next generation of puzzles. The game is available.

In the long run, it’s still in online mode, making it easy to jump to your friends’ games while your ranked play is split into different leagues. For Puyo Puyo and Tetris mains who are worried about balance, they can choose to focus on their respective leagues, but the classic puzzle leagues still have all modes (although players match which mode). Can be filtered). The skill battle league mentioned above.

For beginners who are afraid of being trampled off by veteran Japanese players, there is also the option to start each league at a lower point. In other words, you can earn more points by playing against players with similar skills or by defeating higher players. (However, even if the sport is a little difficult, you can choose to leave an unnecessary match). If that’s not possible, always play a practice solo mode, a local multiplayer that supports up to four players, or try classic solo challenges such as Tetris Ultra Mode or Sprint Mode on the leaderboard. You can check where to place it.

One of the bugbears is that cross-generation play is supported between PS4 and PS5 players, or between Xbox One and Series X | S players, but not between platforms. This is the first global launch of the series (although PCs are scheduled for early next year), especially when cross-platform play is becoming the norm, given that it spans multiple platforms and generations. It’s a shame that this isn’t implemented in mainstream online games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Brawlhalla.


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