Puyol: “Messi set the bar very high, he’s the best ever.” – Soccer Sports

Carles Puyol spoke in a recent interview goal.. Former Barcelona captain said he considers former teammate Lionel Messi to be the best player ever, and explained that it would be difficult to admit it from the perspective of Real Madrid.

“If you ask me who Michael Jordan is, he’s the best basketball player ever. I think Messi will have the same status, the best footballer ever. Michael Jordan is the best ever. It was also discussed whether there were any, and these are opinions and can be difficult to be objective. It is difficult for Real Madrid fans to recognize Messi as the best, “Puyol said.

“I was lucky to have him, but except for the feeling of being curry, the numbers are there, these haven’t been invented, indicating he’s the best,” he said. I added.

Argentina broke Pele’s record on Thursday, scoring the most goals in history against Real Valladolid, scoring the 644th goal of his career.

Puyol continued. “In Barcelona, ​​he has already broken all the records. He has set such a high standard that I don’t know if anyone can fight him in the future.”

In fact, former professional soccer player Gary Lineker has added a great perspective on how impressive Messi’s record is.

Puyol said the 33-year-old player would continue to lead the Catalan club to the title and hopes that his national team will also win the title.

“I continue to believe that Leo-led Barcelona will continue to win the title. I don’t know if he has much more to achieve. He still needs to win the title on the national team. I’m not Argentine, but I’m excited about him because he deserves it and he really wants to do it. “

His finish wasn’t perfect for his own standards, but Messi has been in great shape lately and it looks like he’s finally survived the harsh summer months. With the soon-to-be-appointed new president and the resumption of sports projects, there seems to be no reason for him to stay.

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Puyol: “Messi set the bar very high, he’s the best ever.” Puyol: “Messi set the bar very high, he’s the best ever.”

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