Puzzle-based hack and slash game Red Ronin brings gusset

Few games can boast of being a hack and slash game as well as a puzzle game, but Xbox’s Red Ronin does. And now you can try out this weird genre fusion released on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Red was betrayed. I was terribly betrayed. She embarked on a woman’s revenge mission to kill everyone who mistreated her. Swinging her sword, you might think this is Kill Bill: a game. But did the bride have a robot companion called ISAAC help her? Red Ronin predominates here because I can’t remember what happened.

However, Red Ronin Hotline Miami Top Down Desperate Action, And mixed Katana Zero Melee Combat.. So this game doesn’t waste blood and internal organs, even if it’s a pixel art game. With Red Ronin, you can plan your attacks unlike any other attack by focusing on turn-based combat mechanics. See your movements planned before you take each action, but hope the enemy doesn’t kill you when it’s their turn.

Through your quest for revenge, Red’s story unfolds: who mistreated her and why everything will be explained. It’s not clear whether to explain where ISAAC came from.

Red Ronin is available for download on Xbox for £ 6.69... If the turn-based injustice violence is yours, here’s the perfect game for you. Stay tuned for reviews, everyone else!

Game description

What is Red Ronin? Kill them all one by one, in turn! Red is a tactical turn-based game, but in a fast-paced dash-and-slash game, a bloodthirsty ronin and her fellow bot seek revenge. After betrayed by the pre-story team, Red embarks on a non-stop revenge journey with companion bot ISAAC to eliminate everyone who left her behind. Turn-based puzzle games have been transformed into stylish hack and slash games (or vice versa).

Puzzle-based Hack ‘n Slash game Red Ronin brings the gore

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