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PYG-PayGroup Limited | Australia Equity Forum

PYG’s stock price rise after the day at the highest price of 91c (June 2018)
… PayGroup has recently found excellent IPO performance.

And sadly, it was about it. The mark near 70c is closer to the mark.

From the beginning, the company has leveraged India and the Philippines to grow its business and maintain its pan-Asia focus (MESA +). Smart shore ring (!)>.The first leg is PayAsia A corporate group that includes an ost presence. There are currently 875 client entities.

Listed on ASX in May 2018 and acquired Sharp things With over 300 clients in Australia and New Zealand, Astute is a leading SaaS platform provider for workforce management companies and the corporate sector.

Clients are typically medium to large multinationals with employees in multiple countries in the Asia Pacific region. The group is “Reliable to perform outsourced payroll processes for the submission of statutory submissions including client employees, contractors, banks, finance, taxation, old-age pensions, pensions, funded funds, and other social benefits partner. In addition to SaaS Payroll Services, the Group’s SaaS HCM software platform supports clients who manage aspects of the employee life cycle, and regions of critical processes (employee and manager self-service, vacation management, cost management, etc.). And support mobile-enabled workflows... “

PYG-PayGroup Limited | Australia Equity Forum PYG-PayGroup Limited | Australia Equity Forum

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