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Hamilton charged from 10th on the grid to win in Brazil last Sunday and then headed to Qatar’s weekend at a high to reduce Red Bull’s rival Max Verstappen’s championship lead to 14 points.

Verstappen and Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas led FP1 and FP2, respectively, during practice at the Losail International Circuit on Friday.

Hamilton finished 0.7 seconds off Verstappen in FP1 and over 4/10 of Bottas’ time in FP2 to finish the fourth day in the timesheet.

The driver faced the additional challenge of dialing in the setup on Friday. Hamilton admits that he is still not completely comfortable due to the lack of previous data for working in Qatar.

“I don’t even know how big the gap is, but I’m away,” Hamilton said.

“I’m definitely not near.”

Hamilton said he had “no clue” whether to fight Verstappen again this weekend after the fight against Brazil, adding: tonight. “

Verstappen finished in FP2 just in front of Hamilton, third after Bottas and AlphaTauri’s Pierre Guthrie, but felt more to do overnight.

“Of course it was my first time in the evening, so it was important to understand how the car would react,” Verstappen said after breaking through FP1 during the day.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W12

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“”[There was] There have been significant changes between medium and soft tires. That’s why I think it wasn’t that surprising with soft tires.

“But it’s my first time here, so there’s a lot to understand.”

Verstappen was impressed by the fast-moving nature of the Rossile truck, but it was difficult to follow, so it was unclear how the current F1 car would be carried in the race.

“It was a lot of fun to drive honestly,” Verstappen said.

“I think it’s a really cool track. [It’s] It’s hard to say in a race. Anyway, with these cars, it’s very difficult to follow. Anyway, I think one lap is enough. “

Both drivers wiped out Steward’s decision Reject Mercedes review request Their turn 4 incident in Brazil announced prior to FP2.

“I wasn’t part of that, so I’m not thinking about it, and [have] I was focused on trying to do my weekend, “Hamilton said.

Verstappen added that it was “good” to make a decision, but felt “again expected.”

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Qatar F1 After Friday practice, Hamilton feels “a little late” Qatar F1 After Friday practice, Hamilton feels “a little late”

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