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Not long ago, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer told NBC Sports Peter King: The team was leaning towards “I have to say that’s the way we should go,” taking up Trevor Lawrence in the Clemson quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft. He was recently asked about Jags’ plans at the top pick and doubled his stance. He also explained why Lawrence has such a great quarterback outlook.

During ~ Recent appearances at the Michael Irving Show, Meyer once again said Jaguar plans to take Lawrence on the first overall pick. He states that they have studied other quarterbacks and believes that if there is a change, it will be at the ownership level. He also emphasized that this is a collaborative effort between himself, owner Shahid Khan, and general manager Trent Baalke.

He is certainly the direction in which we are leaning or heading in that direction. If something changes, it becomes the ownership level. At this point, my homework is over. There are some very close and very good quarterbacks, but they will be owners Shahid Khan, me, and Trent Baalke. It’s pure cooperation. This will be the biggest decision made in Jaguar’s recent history. This sets the way and that pick and we have very good trading capital, draft capital, picks.

Meyer is right. This will be one of the most important decisions in Jaguar’s history, but the fact that this Jacksonville team challenges to draft one of the most talented quarterback prospects in recent years makes things a thing. It should be a little easier.

Trevor Lawrence is the quarterback needed by Jacksonville Jaguar.

In their conversation, Irving asked Meyer how good Lawrence was. Former Florida State University and Ohio State University head coaches said that Clemson’s prominent figure “checked all check boxes” and five features shared by a good quarterback: competitiveness, toughness, leadership skills, He said he has intelligence and adaptability.

Meyer says a great quarterback must be an elite competitor. Similarly, he says they need to elevate the people around them, guide themselves, and guide others. He also points out that one of the reasons why Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is so good is his adaptability.

The draft is just around the corner, but Jaguar seems to already know to take Lawrence. More importantly, they know what kind of player he is and what he can bring to the table.

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“QB Trevor Lawrence checks all boxes” “QB Trevor Lawrence checks all boxes”

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