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QTA leadership changes

Brian Smith becomes Vice President and Lance Law joins board

Paul Carrat

Paul Kahlert, director of All Purpose Transport (APT), has been elected chairman of the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) to replace Julie Russell, who is retiring.

Kahlert has been with APT for over 30 years, climbing up the ranks and becoming CEO of the company, a role he has played over the last 17 years, especially Early adoption of electric trucks in Australia..

Russell was elected the association’s first female president in 2017.

She recently resigned on behalf of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) Board of Directors and on behalf of the family-owned Russell Transport after serving on the board of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Meanwhile, Rocky’s CEO of Transport, Brian Smith, has been elected Vice President, and Innisfail Carrying Company’s Lance Law has also been appointed as a new director.

The QTA Committee, confirmed at the recent Annual Meeting, currently consists of:

  • Paul Kahlert-Universal Transport-President (new)
  • Brian Smith-Rocky’s own transport-Vice President (new)
  • Julie Russell-Transportation of Russell-Just Before President
  • Tracy Dickenson-Daryl Dickenson Transport-Accounting
  • Kevin Alexander-Bond Transport Group
  • Samantha Clayton-Burns Auto Company-Brisbane
  • Ben Corbin-Prochem Agency-Mackay
  • Cheryl Connor-Exodus Trance Port-Brisbane
  • Lance method-Innisfail Carrying Co-Innisfail (newly elected)
  • Michael Mahon-MJ Mahon Transport-Brisbane
  • David Simon-Simon National Career

“We would like to start by thanking the resigning President Julie Russell for his outstanding contributions after his four-year term,” QTA President Gary Mahon said in a communiqué.

“As the first female president in the history of the association, Julie was a devoted and devoted president and invested fully in that role.

“I am grateful to Julie for contributing to the association and look forward to her continued involvement as former president.

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“The new president of the association and former vice president Paul Carrat will bring a new dimension to the board. I look forward to working with Paul with the newly elected vice president Brian Smith.

“Our management will be further strengthened by continuing Tracey Dickenson in the accounting role of 2021.”

Mahon welcomes the regional perspectives offered by Smith and Law.

“It is very important to have a regional representative on the board, and Brian brings it with years of experience as CEO of Rockies Own Transport.

“Regional representatives were also backed by the election of the Lance Law from the Innisfail Carrying Company.

“We look forward to welcoming Lance to the board and participating in the discussion of the association’s policies and advocacy.

“We also thank Alex Tenkate, who has served on the board for the past eight years and did not seek re-election this year.”

Mahon looks back on the association’s achievements at the Annual Meeting and looks forward to its goals for the next year.

“The Association was founded in 2021 with a strong financial position and we continue to grow services that reflect your business needs.

“One of these new initiatives is the Road Freight Resilience Program, a short-term course program that focuses on the themes of business feasibility, efficiency, and growth.

“This is a low-cost, high-value program, content is available on demand and needs to be completed when ready.

“Another initiative is that new employee smart business seminars and webins are being facilitated by our employee partner, The Busy Group.

“This week, a Rotary #GetYourBumIntoGearQld tour was also launched to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of bowel cancer using bowel scan kits.

“We partnered with Rotary on this April 12-29 tour of Queensland to provide drivers under the age of 50 with a free bowel scan kit.”

Sal Petroccitto, CEO of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), hopes that Kahlert’s appointment will “continue the strong leadership that the QTA Board has provided to heavy vehicle operators.”

“Paul represents QTA as Vice President and will continue to lead the board of directors, who are enthusiastic supporters of heavy-duty vehicle operators throughout Queensland,” says Petrosit.

“We look forward to working with Paul and QTA on many important reforms, policy agendas and research projects over the next few years.

“We also thank President Julie Russell for his contributions and contributions to the Queensland heavy-duty vehicle industry at the time.”

“As a member of the NHVR Board, Julie will continue to play a key role in the safety and productivity of heavy vehicles.”

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QTA leadership changes QTA leadership changes

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