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Qualcomm has partnered with Razer to launch a G3x Gen1 gaming platform for developers

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Qualcomm Has introduced the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 gaming platform to power a new generation of dedicated gaming devices. Game lifestyle brand Razer has also partnered with Qualcomm on a handheld game developer kit with a G3x processor.

According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 gaming platform will perform to run all Android games, play content from cloud gaming libraries, stream games from home consoles or PCs, and enjoy entertainment from your favorite Android apps. Provide.

The first concept device in the photo above is currently available as part of a handheld game developer kit with the first generation Snapdragon G3x. Qualcomm unveiled a platform at its annual Hawaiian analyst event, which it considers to be a sort of enthusiastic gaming rig for mobile players.

The Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform is a dedicated platform for leveling up your games on mobile devices. The platform brings together all of the Snapdragon Elite Gaming technologies to create a premium category of dedicated consumer gaming products.


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Above: Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x powers a new generation of mobile gaming devices.

Image credit: Qualcomm

The Snapdragon G3x platform features a Qualcomm Adreno graphics processing unit (GPU) that runs games at high speeds of 144 frames per second (60 frames per second on many mobile phones) and 10-bit high dynamic range for 4K games. HDR) is realized. Over 1 billion shades.

Also, according to Qualcomm, Snapdragon Sound technology is optimized for quality, delay, and robustness, allowing gamers to identify their opponents and hear all the actions around them. With AKSys support, you’ll have accurate access to controller mapping technology and will be able to use built-in controllers in a variety of games.

It also tethers to Snapdragon G3x-powered devices via USB-C for a multi-screen enhanced experience. You can also make the device act as a companion controller for your 4K display TV.

Developer kit

Above: Razer helped design this hardware kit. With this kit, businesses can develop their own handhelds for mobile games.

Image credit: Qualcomm

To showcase the platform, Qualcomm Technologies has partnered with Razer to build the first Snapdragon G3x handheld game developer kit. It is only available to developers from today. Razer is proud to create the designs that gamers love, and the entire brand is built around the gaming lifestyle.

In a statement, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said, “Razer is very pleased to partner with Qualcomm Technologies to help bring new cutting-edge technologies to the global gaming industry. “. “Together, Qualcomm Technologies and Razer are leading new and innovative solutions that push the boundaries of fidelity and quality available in portable games and transform the way these games are experienced.”

The dedicated handheld developer kit is designed around the Snapdragon G3x platform and supports features such as a 6.65 inch OLED display with Full HD + resolution and 10-bit HDR. The screen can operate at up to 120Hz.

According to Qualcomm, this device can provide lasting performance and prolong gameplay with the most demanding titles. It has a 5MP / 1080p60 webcam and two microphones that players can use to capture their play and stream the game to viewers as a broadcast tool.

The device also features 5G millimeter waves and Sub 6 and Wi-Fi 6E for low latency, fast uploads and downloads, and the fastest connections for the most reliable connections. It is also easy to operate and designed for long-term comfortable gameplay. The developer kit includes Aksys’ controller mapping, which gives you a precise touch on controller mapping technology and allows you to use the built-in controller in a variety of games.

On this device you can play native Android titles and stream your favorite games from your favorite cloud gaming platform such as Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate. You can also access your Steam game library on the go.

At press briefing, Micah Knapp, Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcom, has 2.5 billion mobile gamers worldwide, with $ 90 billion to $ 120 billion of the $ 175 billion gaming industry coming from mobile gaming revenue. Said it was a thing. Mobile’s share continues to grow, with the film industry’s revenue in 2020 being less than $ 45 billion.

Above: A small chip powers a large mobile gaming handheld.

Image credit: Qualcomm

“For many reasons, the transition to mobile gaming space is so high,” Knapp said. “And one of the things we noticed was that people were considering console gamers, PC gamers, or mobile gamers. That’s no longer true. When talking to people who are PC gamers, they’re PCs. I spend 12 hours a week on the phone, but I also know that I play 5-6 hours a week on the phone. “

People play games whenever they have a chance. As a result, cross-platform games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and Call of Duty are on the rise.

Qualcomm is currently doing this because there are not enough custom gaming devices in the mobile space. And this kit will allow more hardware companies to launch such devices, he said.

Hardware prototypes include dedicated controllers (thumbsticks and buttons) for increased control and fidelity, and a wider, unobstructed stadium. Knapp said it will take some time before it can equip the developer community and build games for the device. Once it is ready, hardware companies can create gaming hardware that consumers can enjoy.

“We are at a turning point where we see the opportunity to create unique gaming experiences and platforms dedicated to gaming devices,” Knapp said.

The device has a user interface that makes it easy to navigate your favorite games and different types of games. When asked if the model resembles a Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, Knapp said there is plenty of room in the market for different design types and the unique identity of this kit is a dedicated mobile gaming device. ..

When asked if Qualcomm would consider launching the gaming handheld itself, Knapp said: Not a device company. He said his partner would probably do it.

“We believe that if they get this, the sky will be the limit,” Nap said.


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Qualcomm has partnered with Razer to launch a G3x Gen1 gaming platform for developers Qualcomm has partnered with Razer to launch a G3x Gen1 gaming platform for developers

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