Quantic Dream CEO wins defamation proceedings against French newspaper

Quantic dreamCo-CEOs David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière have successfully sued the French newspaper Le Monde for defamation after an article containing allegations of a toxic working environment was published. According to a report by the French Union Solidaires Informatique translated by Eurogamer, Le Monde lost the proceedings because he could not prove part of the allegations without revealing the identity of the anonymous source.

The pair personally won the proceeding against Lemond, but a similar defamation proceeding against another newspaper, Mediapart, was unsuccessful. Interestingly, Quantic Dream tried to sue both newspapers as a company, but both of these defamation cases also failed. This means that the court felt that the allegations printed by both treatises against Quantic Dream could be substantiated. The same is true of Mediapart’s claims against David Cage and Guillaume de Fondamière.

The story began in 2018, with two newspapers printing a story about Quantic Dream’s toxic work environment, along with a third outlet Canard PC. The studio has been accused of sexual harassment and other illegal activities against employees. David Cage and Guillaume de Fondamière were chosen not only for their inappropriate remarks, including homosexuality and racist jokes, but also for demanding a very long time from his employees. The cage is Statement of the hearing impaired, Quantic Dream also denied everything, but wrote the article “Slandering campaign.. “

Defamation case Started shortly after.. Despite the company’s denial Paris council We have launched our own research on “Quantic Dream’s toxic corporate culture” and the company’s public funding. Game workers unite We worked with Solidaires Informatique to investigate allegations of sexual harassment.After that, the developer Lost employment case For a former employee who left the company after an employee’s offensive Photoshop image was circulated among Quantic Dream employees.Labor referee Pleaded guilty to them He failed to meet his security obligations to his employees because he did not address the claims of a toxic work environment.

However, Quantic Dream has had some success in defending itself.After that, the developer Most of the demands of former employees Rejected by a labor referee and later accused the French website Personal prejudice In their report of the incident.Earlier this year, the Paris Court of Appeals Reject more claims To the company from another ex-employee. Defamation allegations and complaints are still being thrown not only by the company, but across the broader video game industry, which is unlikely to be the last thing we hear about this situation.

[Source: Solidaires Informatique via Eurogamer]

Quantic Dream’s David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière Win Lawsuit Against French Newspaper for Libel Over Allegations of Toxic Work Environment

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