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Dovizioso returned to MotoGP at the Petronas SRT Misano on behalf of Franco Morbidelli at the San Marino Grand Prix last weekend. Will remain on the team as a Factory Yamaha Rider in 2022 when it rebrands as RNF Racing..

The 3rd championship runner-up is the final qualifying Finished distant 19th place in his first MotoGP race since November last year – This was also his first event outside of Ducati since 2012.

The Italian was generally happy with how his race went, as he was able to lap much harder as the race progressed, but admits this is “strange.”

The bike on which Dovizioso is riding is now two years old, and everyone riding this season is struggling for its shape.

When asked by Autosport if he could understand why this bike was struggling for everyone this season, he said it was impossible to know for now because he had no knowledge of the Factory M1.

“I don’t know how different it is from a factory bike,” he replied.

“Apart from that, Fabio is the only one doing something weird, so this is too far for me to understand and analyze at this point.

“But bikes are special and there are many good ones. But because you have to ride in a special way, it takes time to adapt and you have to understand everything.

“The question mark on the new rear by this weekend is still [tyre] Last year’s casing still remains. The way you have to brake is a bit strange, and the way the bike has improved significantly at the end of the race is very strange.

“That’s why it’s so important to analyze and understand what changed on the bike during the race and whether it was me or not.

Andrea Dovizioso, Petronas Yamaha SRT

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“For me, the bike is new, so I have a lot of feedback. I can’t tell exactly why so much happened.

“But I felt good during the race, I felt the goodness of the bike, and I couldn’t make the most of my potential many times.

“So it was good, it was important. Ten months after I didn’t race, I’m happy to race consistently and eventually get faster.”

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When asked to explain how Yamaha is “special,” Dovizioso says it “requires” a riding style that most bikes on the grid don’t.

“It’s easy, you can see how Fabio is riding,” he added. “You need to brake really deeply in a good way and you have to carry a lot of speed in the middle of the corner.

“Because the bike demands this, it’s the only way to take advantage of the bike’s potential.

“So this is a MotoGP class bike in particular, so you [don’t] You need to ride like this. Maybe Suzuki, but everything else is different. “

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Quartararo “doing crazy things” on Yamaha MotoGP bikes Quartararo “doing crazy things” on Yamaha MotoGP bikes

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