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Quartararo became Yamaha’s first world champion Jorge Lorenzo In 2015, he won the French Elementary Premier Class title in 2021 with two rounds to spare.

The French won five races in the 2021 campaign. His first race signed with Yamaha’s factory team to replace the MotoGP legend. Valentino Rossi..

Not only is it popular with fans, but Quartararo’s success in 2021 has been well received by his rivals on the track.

Yamaha boss Jarvis told’s Spanish sister site exclusively that Quartararo’s personality is “one of Fabio’s strengths” and “need to make enemies” to motivate himself. The fact that there is no such thing has given him worldwide popularity.

“He’s a really nice guy, he’s very fast, he’s aggressive when he needs it, and he has the ability to overtake when he needs it,” Jarvis said.

“He always brings a lot of positivity to the team. There are riders who need to keep their enemies in top shape and destroy them, but Fabio is not.

“He doesn’t look for enemies, but he competes with his rivals. If Fabio is so popular with other riders, it’s because he doesn’t have to make those enemies.”

Fabio Quartararo, Yamaha Factory Racing

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Jarvis added that Quartararo’s personality is positive for MotoGP as a whole, and that the French are “the champions that made me the easiest to work for.”

“It’s good for MotoGP to have a champion with that personality and spirit,” Jarvis continued.

“It’s not easy to find. If you can maintain it, it will definitely work in the post-Rossi era.

“Throughout my career, I’ve worked with riders who have made it so easy and much more difficult to manage.

“The problem is that good people usually can’t win.

“In that sense, Fabio is the champion that made me the easiest to work with.”

Quartararo will remain in Yamaha for 2022, but what’s next in 2023, after the overwhelming post-season Jerez test on the new M1 until the February Sepan pre-season test shows concrete progress from the bike? Also admitted not to sign.

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Quartararo is popular because he doesn’t look for enemies. Quartararo is popular because he doesn’t look for enemies.

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