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The new franchise, Gloucester City Queens, still understands themselves. But this first season for them is more than just “making numbers.”

After winning the first two games of the Women’s Big Bash Basketball League, Queens sat comfortably on the WBBL throne and looked down on the subject.

Backed by Marley Ball, Claire Abbott and Spaniard Imma Bautista, Queens-style basketball, led by Maura Fitzpatrick and Melita Emmanuel Carr’s free-score duo, impresses the league’s rapidly growing fan base. I did.

However, the reality is now at dawn, and Gloucester is a little upset as he loses twice in the bounce. The recent usually depressed 117-51 defeat to the London Lions. This includes being at the wrong end of the 48-0 run and not scoring one point in the third quarter.

Jay Marriott, Coach and CEO of Gloucester City Queens. Photo: Gloucester Live.

Queens coach Jay Marriott does not need to be lectured on London’s talent and depth this season. He knows it well. In fact, he was relatively happy with the team’s performance in half-time, despite a draw 54-34.

“The game itself was two and a half stories,” Marriott explained. “I would have been relaxed when asked if I was halved.

“London scored most of the points in transition. They scored 16 points from our turnover and we fell below 20 in half. This is, in a nutshell, ball games. Otherwise, we had a big half, albeit in the early stages, when we felt a little nervous.

“I saw London go up and down in the second half. I think many teams will do this season. But for me, the scoreline isn’t as stacking as our talents, especially London. It was a very unfair reflection of talent. “

Marriott admitted that the team entered the locker room after being shocked and disappointed. But they couldn’t accept the defeat as “demoralizing”, instead, this kind of heavy defeat only helped build the character of his team and made them more in the long run. He said it would improve.

And in the next match, until November 21, women have time to ponder and grow, but at the same time they are eager to return to the court and prove themselves.

“This kind of loss was a great lesson for me to learn to feel,” Marriott said.

“No doubt, this is the level we want to reach. It’s the level we want in the future. To get there, we need to check that level. We have such a level weekly, weekly, And you have to play with. Sometimes we will be punished because we are a new team.

“We now have a month’s vacation to actually evaluate and analyze ourselves, and this is where we are and to make the club better and the team better. This is a good opportunity to know what you can do in the future.

“It was hard to be beaten that way by a team as good as London, but that was a lesson learned.”

It’s an opportunity to reorganize prior to returning to the pending court, but behind the scenes, the franchise is still working hard to keep the new partnership with Gloucester Sports working.

The partnership will allow Queens to link to football and netball clubs in the city, attracting a decent crowd, especially thanks to solid marketing in the local media, and still have Gloucester City Kings in the pipeline. The latter Marriott states: It’s a reality, but we don’t want to rush things. “

However, one major obstacle remains unresolved, which is a certificate of sponsorship that allows Americans to obtain a work visa.

Queens doesn’t run before walking, even though he has a relatively thin roster. Some players seem to play alternately for 40 minutes, but more.

“We want to build a franchise that the Gloucester people can be proud of,” Marriott concludes. “These women are proud of the city.”

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Queens presides over long distance at WBBL Queens presides over long distance at WBBL

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