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Queensland Police Flag Freight Border Immigration Adjustment

Entry requires border pass and Covid test compliance

Queensland tightens border enforcement screws

Please note that as of July 30, truck operators entering Queensland must obtain and view the appropriate freight and logistics pass to enter the state.

Operators must also comply with the Covid-19 testing regime.

From 1 am on Friday, large vehicles without approved cargo and logistics passes will not be able to cross the border and will be turned around.

“Importantly, the driver must prove that he has completed the required Covid-19 testing regime, which can be done recently (within 7 days) if he was at the declared Covid-19 hotspot. Includes evidence of negative Covid-19 test results.

“Drivers from Fairfield, Liverpool, Bankstown, Cumberland, Blacktown, Parramatta, Campbelltown and the New South Wales Municipality (LGA) on the Georges River have Covid-19 test results within three days of trying. You need to provide proof that you will enter Queensland.

“Operators are advised to check the location of the service center and roadhouse of the Covid-19 Heavy Vehicle Driver Testing Facility, which is open during the Covid-19 trading restrictions.”

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Queensland Police added that it is working closely with the truck industry to ensure that drivers understand the new border crossing requirements.

More than 75 heavy vehicles have recently turned around at the border due to invalid border crossings and other compliance issues.

Continuous random interception and highly visible police of vehicles entering Queensland over the road network to ensure that travelers follow the instructions of the state’s Supreme Health Officer to reduce the Covid-19 epidemic. Will continue to exist.

The Queensland Transport Association (QTA) is alerting the industry.

“Check the status of all drivers’ border entry passes and be very careful to comply with the test requirements at the time of entry into Qld,” said the state trade association.

“Also make sure that all drivers working through subcontracting or worker employment companies are informed of these procedures and have the necessary paperwork with them.”

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Queensland Police Flag Freight Border Immigration Adjustment Queensland Police Flag Freight Border Immigration Adjustment

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