Quiet places are becoming “immersive” video games

Screenshot of A Quiet Place

image: Quiet place

Quiet placeAn excellent horror / sci-fi movie series about the visually impaired Alien invasion has been turned into a video game by the original Canadian studio iLLOGIKA Behavior Interactive, Eidos Montréal, Ubisoft developer.

Saber Interactive today they It will be released, and the tentative release date will be confirmed sometime in 2022. That’s all.No trailer or gameplay There is no explanation or even concept art.Given the popularity of movies and the clear and obvious way they can turn them into video games, they probably didn’t have to share such things yet...

If you have never seen them Quiet place The movie is about the alien invasion of Earth, but only this time the aliens are blind (good!) But also have supernatural hearing (bad!). Almost everyone on Earth is hunted down and killed by these monsters, with the exception of the few survivors who have learned to live very much. very be quiet.

Certainly a game set Quiet place The universe Look very closely at what Alien Isolation Did the right (and wrong) given the game’s lasting popularity and lack of spiritual or other true successors.. In the game you are playing as one of these survivors, you have to monitor every step and action you make and be aware of the amount of noise you are making and the tasks you need to complete I’m … Almost all the creepy robots that worked in Creative Assembly could work here without getting in the way.

The official announcement is here, But As little information as the game website, The only line that iLLOGIKA’s creative director Hervé Sliwa suggests is: “NS Quiet place Video games allow fans to experience the tension of a movie with a level of immersiveness never before experienced. “

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