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The Formula 2 season is in many ways as fierce and complex as this year’s F1 and the same suspension in lockdown and back-to-back racing is back. The championship continued into the final race, with Schumacher winning a confident but undisputed victory. Here is what stands out in this year’s junior series.

10. Luca Ghiotto

Championship Finish: 10th – Points: 106
Being an F2 Journeyman does not compliment the driver’s career. This year’s Giotto’s performance should be quite high, if not the fifth time since the transition to GP2 in 2016.

Nonetheless, as the longer-running rugged Artem Markelov proved this year, it’s not natural to understand F2’s latest cars, especially their new unobtrusive rubber.Giotto definitely had a moment of mastery: take Hi-Tech to their first F2 victory on the third weekend of the championship Hungaroring It showed the maturity of tire management that other drivers simply couldn’t.

9. Nikita Mazepin

Championship Finish: 5th – Points: 164
Guiot’s high-tech teammate, no doubt Nikita Mazepin This year we have seen improvements compared to the rookie season in F2. Especially impressive was the rookie team, not the well-established ART. With two feature race wins and four more second-place podiums, he made some impressive performances that deserve a fairly high rank.

But Mazepin’s reckless, sometimes reckless orbital approach has repeatedly sacrificed better results for him. Penalties in Barcelona and Spa pushed him back considerably, the latter losing him victory. Some highly suspicious moves on the last weekend in Sakhir have penalized him from the fight for the top finish.It also left him One penalty point to be shy to qualify for automatic ban..

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8. Louis Delétraz

Championship Finish: 8th – Points: 134
Delétraz is the only non-winning driver who created this list. In his fourth year in this category, it may seem difficult to justify it. His performance was often uncompetitive in Charouz costumes, and it was unbelievable that they belonged to the same team, except that they far outperformed rookie teammate Pedropique.

Delétraz didn’t take the top step, but scored 98% of the team’s points, or 134, in Pique’s 3 (though Pique couldn’t miss a big score in the final round). He finished second in the best drive in the Mugello print race and cleverly avoided the hassle of getting the podium while his rivals lost the front wing.

7. Christian Lungard

Championship Finish: 7th – Points: 149
At the beginning of the season, Christian Lungard looked like a title candidate. However, Renault Jr.’s hopes were hit after a dry spell at the Silverstone-Barcelona tripleheader.

Suffering from mechanical problems (too many drivers in this one-make series), Lungard probably didn’t get enough chances to show speed. But the day his car worked and wasn’t punted off the track, he was in tremendous shape. In particular, the victory in the Mugello print race was more than 14 seconds away from the chase.

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6. Guanyu Zhou

Championship Finish: 6th – Points: 151.5
In the second year of F2, Zhou improved with a rookie finish in 7th place, but in a strange season he almost missed the top step.He was on the course to win the opening round Until a technical failure hits him.. Despite some impressive drives, including a podium finish despite a penalty in Bahrain, Zhou’s only victory was the red flag sprint race in Sochi. Jack Aitken And Giotto.

The lap driving was really impressive this year, but it doesn’t show up on the scoreboard. His best races are recovery from early lap incidents and qualifying accidents this year and skillful management of tricky tires, leaving his podium length less than the skills needed to take them. was.

5. Felipe Dragovich

Championship Finish: 9th – Points: 121
After an overwhelming dominance in the 2018 Euroformula Open Campaign, Formula 3 continued a nearly anonymous year, earning only one point, and Dragovich returned to his best in F2. Having won three in a highly competitive field showed that he could not only take advantage of the defeat of the front runner, but he could be one of them.

It wasn’t his fault to be disqualified from the fierce feature race at the spa (MP Motorsport violated F2 sports rules and didn’t pit him until the final lap). Dragovich’s driving was impressively clean and error-free, and for the championship rookie, winning both feature races in the highly degraded Bahrain round was especially noteworthy for showing mature race management under pressure. Worth it.

4. Robert Shwartzman

Championship Finish: 4th – Points: 177
Robert Shwartzman appeared to be a prominent driver in Formula 2 in the early rounds of 2020. The 2019 F3 champions seemed almost unstoppable during the victory of the major feature races in the rounds of Styria and Hungary.

But it wasn’t.Terrible run at Silverstone – including entanglement with teammates Mick Schumacher – I saw Schwartzman get out of the dispute. Winning two more sprint races wasn’t enough to finish in the top three. It’s easy to say, but if you’re unlucky any driver can be a champion, but if you get the chance, Schwartzman has shown that he could certainly be in the top spot.

3. Mick Schumacher

Championship Finish: 1st – Points: 215
In the second year of Formula Two, Schumacher again proved that Ferrari wasn’t just interested in him because of his surname, following his 2018 F3 victory. Although he struggled in qualifying, he was always strong in the race and never passed the qualifying in the front row, but he won two feature races and eight more podiums ( Ignore reverse grid races).

Schumacher’s outstanding skill was his surprisingly fast start. It confused opponents and often occupied multiple locations a turn ago. He consistently tied it to strong tire management. His overtaking is a highlight of the season, often slicing orders with alternating strategies, making F2 a very valuable champion.

2. Callum Ilott

Callum Ilott, Virtuoso, Silverstone, 2020
Championship Finish: 2nd – Points: 201
Despite harassing Schumacher until the final race, Ilot wasn’t enough in the end, partly because he was unlucky in the middle of the season, just like Schwartzman. The final result was nine races where he scored 1 or 0 points. This is not a bid for the title.

Aside from mechanical breakdowns and end-of-race collisions, Ilott’s overwhelming speed was impressive. He won more five pole positions than any other driver and created regular recovery drives to save valuable points. The victory in Ilot’s home feature race in the second round of Silverstone was particularly dominant as it showed that if he could get off the grid without problems, he could confidently turn Paul into a win.

1. Yuki Tsunoda

Championship Finish: 3rd – Points: 200
Confirmed as 2021 AlphaTauri Formula 1 driver Yuki Tsunoda It shows the talent that the Honda Dream Project has sought for many years in the rookie F2 season. He came because it was a timely promotion for Red Bull’s junior team and the F1 outfit took the unusual step of taking an outsider, Sergio Perez, to its fold.

In his first season as an F2 driver and his second year in Europe, Tsunoda steadily improved with Carlin’s steering wheel. A great last weekend left him with just one point in second place in the championship. His raw pace was encouraging-he won four pole positions-and he turned that possibility into three victories and four more podiums.

Kakuda’s outstanding drive included a near win in the second round at the Red Bull Ring. He was too long while the tires were dying due to a radio failure, but he still held the lead from the pole firmly with a totally unusual 26-lap wet tire. Stint.

Kakuda’s sprint race not only demonstrated his ability to lead from the pole, but also demonstrated his overtaking skills and his ability to compete wheel-to-wheel with experienced drivers. In recognition of his performance, he won the Anthoine Hubert Award for his rookie performance in 2020, promising to be Japan’s most exciting new F1 talent for many years.

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Race Fans’ F1 driver rankings will be displayed in January. in the meantime, Vote for F1 Driver of the Year here Share your views on the top F2 drivers of 2020 in the comments.

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