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rad OPPO X2021 Rollable phones won’t hit the shelves right away

At last year’s INNO Day 2020 event OPPO surprised us with its unique view of the idea of ​​rollable smartphones Using a device called OPPO X 2021, the company has spent a very long time explaining the engineering and innovations made to make it, and since then multiple Hands-on video showing cool devices It surfaced online.But it is OPPO’s rollable device is still in the conceptual stage and may not be released as a commercial device soon..

BBC Technology Reporter Chris Fox I recently experienced OPPO X 2021 and shared his experience with a video featuring OPPO UK Product Manager Neil Monger. Fox said in a video that OPPO has no plans to sell rollable phones anytime soon. As for the reason, he got the following answer from the OPPO executive himself.

“OPPO believes to bring the product to market only if the product meets a very rigorous product testing process. And at this time, we haven’t pushed this device yet. It’s me. It’s about showing our positive thinking about innovation and new technologies, and what the future of smartphone elements will really look like in the coming years. “

The device itself features a 6.7-inch flexible OLED display, which can be unfolded via a dynamic scroll frame to get a 7.4-inch screen area. There are side buttons that you can swipe to expand and contract the flexible panel, allowing you to change the form factor between your tablet and phone. However, a rollable display also means that the phone doesn’t have a selfie camera.

OPPO’s rollable phone is really impressive!

OPPO has also optimized the ColorOS skins to adapt and utilize the extra screen space when the device switches between the two form factors. There is one image sensor and two ToF3D cameras on the back for AR / VR functions.

Apart from OPPO LG also exhibited upcoming rollable phones,and So is TCL, And that too Multiple form factors.. However, none of them are yet in the hands of consumers as commercial devices.Meanwhile, Samsung continues to dominate the foldable smartphone segment with devices such as: Galaxy Z Fold2, HUAWEI also remains in the game, the latest products Mate X2..

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rad OPPO X2021 Rollable phones won’t hit the shelves right away

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