Radeon Chiplet GPU leaks and contains Threadripper 5000 spec leak

AMD’s future GPUs (both RDNA and cDNA) are almost certain to use chiplet technology. RDNA 3 is the first candidate for using chiplet technology on the gaming side, and CDNA 2 is probably used in the data center / computing market. A patent submitted by AMD called “GPU Chiplets with High Bandwidth Crosslinks” has emerged to fix a problem specific to MCM GPU design: the inability to easily handle data between two devices. And. This design creates high bandwidth. Passive cross-link between two GPU dies. One of these GPUs communicates directly with the CPU.

In essence, this approach allows AMD to easily extend the GPU to a much higher level of performance, with the same benefits found on Zen 2 and later CPUs. It essentially raises the bar for performance and creates larger GPUs from many smaller dies.

RDNA 3 could be launched in late 2021, or perhaps 2022, and could compete with Nvidia’s Lovelace architecture manufactured on the Samsung 5nm process.

AMD’s Genesis Peak (aka threadripper 5000 series) is said to offer 16 core SKUs, but these days it’s very strange considering that threadripper offers more cores than mainstream components. It’s a movement. The 16-core Threadripper part, in its truest case, could benefit from quad-channel memory and additional PCIe lanes, but it’s not yet known how it differs from other mainstream parts.

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